Unboxing Donnie The Drift Car's New MOON REVVING Solid Roller Texas Speed Engine!! (very spicy)

Can't wait to have Donnie back... he's a ripper and he's going to be SPINNIN this new Texas Speed engine to the moon!
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  1. Cleetus McFarland

    Cleetus McFarland

    Månad sedan

    Yo guys! Grab tickets to the Freedom Factory drift night on June 5th right here: tickets.thefoat.com/FreedomFactory/Freedom+Factory+Drift+Night/tickets/event-37982/

    • Robert Bullington

      Robert Bullington

      6 timmar sedan

      Im just wondering why y'all use 427 why not use 454?

    • brandon cook

      brandon cook

      Månad sedan

      My birthday!! And I'll be at the freedom factory couldn't ask for anything better

    • Sharky's Garage - RC and More

      Sharky's Garage - RC and More

      Månad sedan

      Where is the Dale Truck ???

    • Gaming with CD

      Gaming with CD

      Månad sedan

      ok n

    • AUSTIN


      Månad sedan

      what the fuck is a "Arma felony 6s with upgraded castle 1717 8s motor combo"

  2. AB-80X


    8 dagar sedan

    Awwww, look guys. Cleetus finally became a grown-up and got a real cam:-D There's only one kind of camshaft;-)

  3. Nick Sull

    Nick Sull

    19 dagar sedan

    i wanna see a kong blower at some point, switch it up from the spooly bois

  4. CVPI222


    19 dagar sedan

    Can we get a car update???

  5. Walter Joy

    Walter Joy

    25 dagar sedan

    I find it funny about them talking about the shaft mounted rocker arms....yet my Mopars are all shaft mounted and makes 20% of the power

  6. aerojohn86


    29 dagar sedan

    my favorite Cleeter videos are the ones where they talk technical details with James and he's just casually shooting the breeze but dropping all the knowledge on how to make power

  7. Luke Nickerson

    Luke Nickerson

    Månad sedan

    Cleetus we can tell when your hand is over your phone mic

  8. Trey Lambert

    Trey Lambert

    Månad sedan

    Did someone say 427?

  9. Kingof 6

    Kingof 6

    Månad sedan

    Do a 8 to one header

  10. Eric Brandt

    Eric Brandt

    Månad sedan

    As I've always said....."Juice Lifters" are for PUSSIES! ROLL SOLID! 👍

  11. 8warrior5


    Månad sedan

    Please use mic!

  12. JOHN H

    JOHN H

    Månad sedan

    The incompetent grip worryingly heap because ronald analogously separate among a wakeful pet. crazy, romantic peace

  13. G Snyder

    G Snyder

    Månad sedan

    That 427 needs 2 huge turbos lol

  14. Steve Bell

    Steve Bell

    Månad sedan

    Seems like everytime you-all run your GM product they break . It doesn't look good for your mechanic skills or GM products

  15. Nakatsu Megami

    Nakatsu Megami

    Månad sedan

    Dual Plane Leroy when?

  16. 1ST General

    1ST General

    Månad sedan

    It's bad getting 😕 old now I have to go find what happened to Leroy I remember driveline issues but didn't know it was terminal

  17. alan holmes

    alan holmes

    Månad sedan

    Honesly should get built motors and put them in the skis

  18. Josh Stanton

    Josh Stanton

    Månad sedan

    Bout time Donnie got an engine that doesn't suck!! ❤️ Go destroy some tyres for us bro 😁

  19. offthebeatenpath


    Månad sedan

    you have a hole tire shop set up down there from drift to drag tires lne all the walls lol

  20. Rambito


    Månad sedan

    Run boost with methanol on drift car and heat will not be an issue especially if your running E85 on top.

  21. obnoxious/games&entertainment


    Månad sedan

    brother solid roller is the only way to go we have a 79 351m solid roller with a 651 lift cam and alot of other upgrades and we make 590 na

    • obnoxious/games&entertainment


      Månad sedan

      the truck in the pic of my profile

    • obnoxious/games&entertainment


      Månad sedan

      we rev to 8700

  22. Tad Saxington

    Tad Saxington

    Månad sedan

    Jack Stand and Cleet must puff a lot of doobs.

  23. J Lauck

    J Lauck

    Månad sedan

    When is kills-b getting his turn to burn rubber

  24. Kurt Sumthinorother

    Kurt Sumthinorother

    Månad sedan

    Woooooo weeeeeeeeee!!! Look at the big ole holes in the heads! Please don't run another motor in a circle track or drift car without an accumulator at the very least.

  25. Rick Spenkelink

    Rick Spenkelink

    Månad sedan


  26. 6spdkeg


    Månad sedan

    I hope yall have a nice dry sump and swirl pot on that new motor.. . at least a Accusump and a really good pan.

  27. Sharky's Garage - RC and More

    Sharky's Garage - RC and More

    Månad sedan

    Where is the Dale Truck ???

  28. The Sound of Speed

    The Sound of Speed

    Månad sedan

    "We'll keep it N/A... maybe some nitrous" haha

  29. Thabandit94Z


    Månad sedan

    Love Donnie! 2nd favorite car next to Leroy!

  30. Solo_EM1


    Månad sedan

    I love how excited James gets when he starts talking about building stuff. One of a handful that talks about doing things then does the hell out of it. 🤘🏻🇺🇸

  31. Ben Price

    Ben Price

    Månad sedan

    “So much room for activities” best quote ever lol

  32. william louis

    william louis

    Månad sedan

    Please put kinsler itb’s on it Cleet, let those bald eagles scream!

  33. luke borsos

    luke borsos

    Månad sedan

    What happened to Leroy, I forget.

  34. Toadpenny42


    Månad sedan

    Why would you make a video about a new engine and not put it in

  35. Luke Amick

    Luke Amick

    Månad sedan

    Who’s Dale?

  36. G.Blaney11


    Månad sedan

    If your worried about heat you should consider methanol

  37. Travis Hartley

    Travis Hartley

    Månad sedan


  38. Jeff Gray

    Jeff Gray

    Månad sedan

    Now i know why it took so long to get my cam crower was working on yours 😂

  39. Donnie Minter Jr

    Donnie Minter Jr

    Månad sedan

    I would love to see a video of ol' Jackstand assembling his engine for the Nova!

  40. Drew Selman

    Drew Selman

    Månad sedan

    Whats going on with the MKIII supra in the background by the shop?

  41. Tim Burrus

    Tim Burrus

    Månad sedan

    Donnie is by far my favorite car in your garage! I feel like you need a c5 or c6 road course car

  42. Michael Glass

    Michael Glass

    Månad sedan

    Is there gonna be a ppv for the drift night ?!

  43. The Architect

    The Architect

    Månad sedan

    C5Z with 700hp N/A Texas Speed 427 7.0 Liter!???? Yessss pleasseeeee

  44. The Architect

    The Architect

    Månad sedan

    I did not know the 4 door Broncos had a soft tip option???? Didn’t even know the roof was removeable on the 4 door???

  45. The Architect

    The Architect

    Månad sedan

    “...SO MUCH ROOM for activities!!!”

  46. Jackson Mason

    Jackson Mason

    Månad sedan

    Do you assume we want to listen to you yelling, just so we can hear james get goddam mic's

  47. Mike Danskin

    Mike Danskin

    Månad sedan

    wheres the mcfarland marine shirts!

  48. FireMeUpGuy


    Månad sedan

    Fire me up!

  49. Donald Fuller

    Donald Fuller

    Månad sedan

    Who couldn't take there eye off that thing growing on cleetus nose?

  50. Markoz673 Bajen

    Markoz673 Bajen

    Månad sedan

    The intro got me today 4th of July.

  51. MrJacksonBollock


    Månad sedan

    TO THE MOON!!!!

  52. Twarken


    Månad sedan

    Cleetus, please for the love of god just keep this motor N/A and make it a reliable LS based ripper for the next couple years! 🤙🏼

  53. LetsGoRodriguez0


    Månad sedan

    666 mark of the beast

  54. Sniperlife125 For life

    Sniperlife125 For life

    Månad sedan

    Cleetus has 666k views 😂

    • Sniperlife125 For life

      Sniperlife125 For life

      Månad sedan

      @LetsGoRodriguez0 Now we know where the engine really came from 😈

    • LetsGoRodriguez0


      Månad sedan

      A devilish ritual is happening 😈😈

  55. turblown


    Månad sedan

    "Our HIGHEST REVVING ENGINE..." Don't tell the people how high lol

  56. Jacob Leamon

    Jacob Leamon

    Månad sedan

    Anyone else wanna see Cleetus have a killer shop at the FF??

  57. Beefy's Life

    Beefy's Life

    Månad sedan

    awesome at 4,23 backward bendy thumb, legend

  58. Buggerlugz


    Månad sedan

    A turbo rotary in them Seadoo's would be awesome! Probably fit too!

  59. Gstrnerd


    Månad sedan

    Deff make that break-in-case box. Make some sugar glass, it's what they do in movies.

  60. Robindabank


    Månad sedan

    That OSB crate is worth more than the engine 😳

  61. chris taylor

    chris taylor

    Månad sedan

    Is that a Foxbody coupe sitting out back?

  62. Equiinox62


    Månad sedan

    RTR bronco just chillin behind Vaughn :o

  63. Martin van Weperen

    Martin van Weperen

    Månad sedan

    Klutch Kickers?

  64. Inesitaprem


    Månad sedan


  65. Jay Simons

    Jay Simons

    Månad sedan


  66. Roger Mitchell

    Roger Mitchell

    Månad sedan

    Send that cali engine to Texas speed

  67. vrooom666


    Månad sedan

    LS engine is not that strong? seem you killing LS engine every 2 weeks or so.

  68. maxpower700


    Månad sedan

    Welcome to eudm/jdm powerbands👌😂

  69. Jeremiah Mel

    Jeremiah Mel

    Månad sedan

    The sound effects at 2:50.

  70. Jy Walker1603

    Jy Walker1603

    Månad sedan

    A SeaDoo without an engine is a Sea-don't

  71. Timothy Durm

    Timothy Durm

    Månad sedan

    Hoosier Profiles can hook you up with a bigger alternator pulley to keep you from killing alternators.

  72. ghettodriftmonkey1


    Månad sedan

    is neighbour a 427?

  73. iTs Inulater

    iTs Inulater

    Månad sedan

    I wanna see you push that Humvee to 10 sec 1/4 mile

  74. Cameron Richards

    Cameron Richards

    Månad sedan

    Did anyone else see those chunky ties at the end

  75. John Z

    John Z

    Månad sedan

    "Welcome to the Crower Crowd,," Classic Jackstand comment :)

  76. neil edwards

    neil edwards

    Månad sedan

    Can't even hear James sometimes he talks so low ?,speak up James

  77. William S

    William S

    Månad sedan

    That dude already has the new Bronco?!

  78. itsJustVegas


    Månad sedan

    Wheelies for days in the Nova

  79. Drake.C Gaming

    Drake.C Gaming

    Månad sedan

    tell james not to do a rear mount radiator if hes already struggling with keeping the front down getting more weight to the rear would only be worse? just an outsider perspective

  80. Cody Crossley

    Cody Crossley

    Månad sedan

    Ole Donnie needs a dry sump so she don’t run out of oil on them big jobs

  81. Melissa8472


    Månad sedan

    wish i had that junk block to fix and run

  82. Zack Jakosh

    Zack Jakosh

    Månad sedan

    You guys should put a gsx-r or kawi 600 engine in one of the jet skis. That would be stupid quick on the water.

  83. Thomas Halley

    Thomas Halley

    Månad sedan

    Missed a chance to LS swap a jet ski...

  84. AUSTIN


    Månad sedan

    i spent like an hour scrolling these comments and i just have to say, wow. I have a whole new respect for cleetus taking into consideration the type of mentally handicapped people he has to deal with at his shows and events

  85. Captain Chicken

    Captain Chicken

    Månad sedan

    You know it’s good when the ls has rectangle intake ports lool

  86. Ashley King

    Ashley King

    Månad sedan

    I love the wrap on Donnie. it looks so good

  87. InFiD3ViL


    Månad sedan

    I love it! Finally they went with an LLSR build. Can rev like a beast and sound so unique and crispy clean. Hopefully more people will learn about and embrace LLSR builds thanks to Cletus. Yeah it's a bit more work making measuring for every single pushrod, and more expensive than the typical LS hydraulic roller build, but worth it imo.

  88. Off road Addict

    Off road Addict

    Månad sedan

    the crate is worth just as much as that engine. LOL

  89. ilan thommen

    ilan thommen

    Månad sedan

    One say you guys have to go to race week whit allá the cars, Ruby, Nova, Leroy, Dale Truck, Camino and the Crown Vic and just full send it

  90. TurboDieselDan


    Månad sedan

    8:27 Maybe an opportunity to build Leroy a new chassis, swap in that SME 540 Dart BBC, and fit a custom front end to help out in the aero department.

  91. CSR 2-Shawn

    CSR 2-Shawn

    Månad sedan

    Never watch when you have a headache, the moving camera fast made me sick lol

  92. SVT Damon

    SVT Damon

    Månad sedan

    Are we not going to mind the supra in the back ground?

  93. Enzo Richon

    Enzo Richon

    Månad sedan

    "Hi texas speed ? Cleet's here, we're gonna need another one of those spicy 427 brother!"

  94. Jeff’s World

    Jeff’s World

    Månad sedan

    Just got my tickets for me my wife and my 5 year old. Can't wait. Hell yeah brother.

  95. Bryan Roupe

    Bryan Roupe

    Månad sedan

    Oh cool another LS. Do something different. I'm working on a GM 4.2 swap, playing with the oil pan now...

    • Bryan Roupe

      Bryan Roupe

      Månad sedan

      @AUSTIN any engine that goes 9s bone stock isn't a "shitty engine." If you don't know about Atlas engines your not a car guy. And I didn't say anything about a LS swap did I, dip shit? I'm guessing reading and comprehension are a hard task for someone who has a vocabulary like you do. I'm not arguing with a 15 year old child who's never owned a vehicle let alone build one..

    • AUSTIN


      Månad sedan

      lmfao this channel isn't about doing dumb fucking engine swaps. if you want to watch someone deal with the hassles of putting shitty motors in perfectly good cars go watch a different youtube channel also that isn't a fucking swap, he's putting an LS into a car that came with an LS

  96. SQ Motorsports

    SQ Motorsports

    Månad sedan

    We'll keep it NA. Well maybe some nitrous. How many times have we all said that...



    Månad sedan

    FOR A CAR SHOP YOU HAVE "NO" MACHINES ..If you want to work on wood......

  98. the_enthusiast


    Månad sedan

    Toast in the back "am I a joke to you??"

  99. ncsteeltoe


    Månad sedan

    Ruby is the real MVP.

  100. Adler Mayne

    Adler Mayne

    Månad sedan

    Day 1 Galaxy come back!!!!