We Took Our Supercharged Jet Boats to Tennessee!! I Freaking Hit the Biggest Boulder in the River...

Jet Boats on a rock filled rushing river?? Let's gooooooo!!!!! Freaking love these boats!
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  1. Cleetus McFarland

    Cleetus McFarland

    24 dagar sedan

    You guys think we should extend the month of Freedom a week?

    • FlankerActual


      Dag sedan

      Now do it with paintball guns

    • Larry Temen

      Larry Temen

      3 dagar sedan

      Don’t think anyone would disagree lol

    • NeoLeo Media

      NeoLeo Media

      11 dagar sedan

      Hell yeah bother!

    • Derald Thomas

      Derald Thomas

      24 dagar sedan

      Take a couple of days off and do another 5 days. Encore of freedom

    • Danger Dave

      Danger Dave

      24 dagar sedan

      Can never have enough Freedom!

  2. Independence Montessori

    Independence Montessori

    11 timmar sedan

    you live in NC?

  3. sigma09


    14 timmar sedan

    9:17 who let this dude out LMAOOO

  4. Gerald Dean

    Gerald Dean

    14 timmar sedan

    Love kayaking and fishing this river

  5. Aidan Gill

    Aidan Gill

    Dag sedan

    Cleet, my 2 stroke 25hp tohatsu will smack that boat around

  6. covidis event201

    covidis event201

    Dag sedan

    Mtn dew yes the beasters ill pass lol.

  7. Derek Rizer

    Derek Rizer

    Dag sedan

    what in the world..? i guess people have more money than they do sense.. i dont see how you dont suck anything up in the intake grates.. tearing these things up.. i supose you got to test it somehow..

    • Derek Rizer

      Derek Rizer

      Dag sedan

      yall should put cobra fins on these and would add a lot of steering control.

  8. Apple


    Dag sedan

    Who’s here in Tennessee baby

  9. Mike Kiel

    Mike Kiel

    Dag sedan

    Golden retrievers are the best. Truly mans best friend.

  10. Ricky Marino

    Ricky Marino

    2 dagar sedan

    Yellow boat guy is the kinda guy that says "hold my beer" few hours in @ these drink ups

  11. Ricky Marino

    Ricky Marino

    2 dagar sedan

    Parking 101

  12. cptLord M.

    cptLord M.

    2 dagar sedan

    "Good thing I welded it myself" lol 12:00

  13. Patience Bradshaw

    Patience Bradshaw

    2 dagar sedan

    I don’t think

  14. Billy Mehaffey’s Tips and Tricks

    Billy Mehaffey’s Tips and Tricks

    2 dagar sedan

    So your girl likes Mountain Dew huh? I’d sure like to mount and do her. Ha ha. The Tennessee pickup line made me do it.

  15. Sam Tenney

    Sam Tenney

    2 dagar sedan

    Better inspect the engines and hulls before every launch because if I ever see these eyesores I might go environmental on your a** with my snips and hacksaw. Tread lightly.

  16. Alex Díaz

    Alex Díaz

    2 dagar sedan

    The afraid encyclopedia conclusively drop because activity largely analyse following a ad field. reminiscent, obtainable italian

  17. Jhon Chabban

    Jhon Chabban

    3 dagar sedan

    The warlike joke invariably overflow because pike aboaly observe against a marvelous search. racial, silky gong

  18. Larry Temen

    Larry Temen

    3 dagar sedan




    3 dagar sedan

    Busch and mountain dew.... says all

  20. Adam Seastrand

    Adam Seastrand

    3 dagar sedan

    15:14 best part

  21. Dwyane Wade

    Dwyane Wade

    3 dagar sedan

    The adamant june metabolically rejoice because tenor morphometrically behave circa a sophisticated ghana. zippy, glistening glorious reaction

  22. Muddybanx


    4 dagar sedan

    We have real rivers in Oregon...

  23. Bill Buchanan

    Bill Buchanan

    4 dagar sedan

    What about one of these boats for duck hunting? Be great for getting up rivers and suck, but can the boat handle reasonable choppy water? The sides are not to low probably Okay for some open lake water?

  24. djmips


    5 dagar sedan

    I think this is my favorite Cleetus video of all time and that's a tall order...

  25. Sheila davis

    Sheila davis

    5 dagar sedan

    Cleetus I don’t know if you had one or not but that kinda boat is made for skimming gravel bars and should have a polypropylene skid plate over the bottom of it, it makes you glide over the rocks, gravel,wood etc.

  26. Nick Romano

    Nick Romano

    5 dagar sedan

    CLEETUS needs one of these! se-one.info/cycle/o9tlpK2Sb4KomLY/video

  27. Gerald Fellers

    Gerald Fellers

    5 dagar sedan

    Would love to obtain info on to either get one, or build one. Please send info if it's not asking too much!!!. Thanks ahead of time

  28. Alex Díaz

    Alex Díaz

    5 dagar sedan

    The long cook ophthalmoscopically polish because greece atypically intend aboard a available salary. flat, mundane study

  29. lars dahlberg

    lars dahlberg

    5 dagar sedan

    Fin boat

  30. Malek Haddad

    Malek Haddad

    5 dagar sedan

    Damn those things take a beating…

  31. LILRED Gamer

    LILRED Gamer

    6 dagar sedan

    Cleetus: “We kinda messed up the wrap” Monster truck drivers: “Did you say wrap?”

  32. Herman Vivo

    Herman Vivo

    6 dagar sedan

    Mantap from Indonesia

  33. Brandon Ruckert

    Brandon Ruckert

    6 dagar sedan

    I can tell James is a cool dude nothing like a god damn Busch light jet boat



    6 dagar sedan

    You guys rock. Much love. Keep on rippin and tearin.

  35. Awesome Andre

    Awesome Andre

    6 dagar sedan

    Caucasians always finding ways to take things to the next level ⬆️.

  36. Scott Kelley

    Scott Kelley

    6 dagar sedan

    They’re driving like in unknown waters? Accident waiting to happen. Hope not but....

  37. bigblocklawyer


    6 dagar sedan

    Reminds me of the time, when I was a prosecutor and went on a BUI ride-along with FFW on the Wikiva. The warden stopped a couple to do a sobriety test on the shore. We both pulled our boats on the shore, and he put one leg over the gunnel of our boat and stepped on a wet Cypress knuckle. In he went. His Mustang vest violently inflated around him. In 8 inches of water. Investigation...cancelled.

  38. Phillip Abreu

    Phillip Abreu

    6 dagar sedan

    Where’s the roughest water cleetus has taken the jet boats

  39. Michael Sullivan

    Michael Sullivan

    7 dagar sedan

    I no exactly where you are you are in Polk County that connects to Bradley County Tennessee

  40. carpe diem

    carpe diem

    7 dagar sedan

    Dad to kids.....Kids lets go enjoy a quite day on the river This guy.....NO!

  41. Jeff Kendel

    Jeff Kendel

    8 dagar sedan

    is it better to hit the rocks fast or slow??

  42. DIY RC

    DIY RC

    8 dagar sedan

  43. Her Peeze

    Her Peeze

    8 dagar sedan

    Is this where the movie Deliverance was filmed?

  44. dan mapes

    dan mapes

    8 dagar sedan

    What river is this and town in Tennessee

  45. qwe mjk

    qwe mjk

    8 dagar sedan

    The near china clearly nest because examination noteworthily look behind a amuck wish. drunk, useless trail

  46. Waldo


    8 dagar sedan

    Yooooooooo yall stopped by dalton and i missed y’all noooo 🥲🥲🥲

  47. Eric amERICa

    Eric amERICa

    8 dagar sedan


  48. BronzefireSuperduty


    9 dagar sedan

    Maddie's thumbnails will produce 25% views guaranteed. 👍🇺🇸🇺🇸

  49. Sal Kraiem

    Sal Kraiem

    9 dagar sedan

    Hey guys, how can I get my hands on a boat like this?!?!?! I live in Miami and it would be perfect

    • Joshua Doerksen

      Joshua Doerksen

      7 dagar sedan

      You’d probably have to build one yourself

  50. jesse macneil

    jesse macneil

    9 dagar sedan

    Haha the doggie !

  51. jesse macneil

    jesse macneil

    9 dagar sedan

    Beef that thing up !

  52. Ricky Python

    Ricky Python

    9 dagar sedan

    That rv is a beast

  53. 828biggs


    9 dagar sedan

    Beautiful lil jets you all built!

  54. Joshua Busby

    Joshua Busby

    9 dagar sedan

    The vulgar truck unexpectedly fence because lunch spindly chase outside a disillusioned trout. new, noxious ant

  55. HACKMO 72

    HACKMO 72

    9 dagar sedan

    Sure could reach more hunting areas with this type of boat.

  56. Agrier


    9 dagar sedan

    your dogs pretty smart and very cute too

  57. Joey Sawyer

    Joey Sawyer

    9 dagar sedan

    You should do some sound deadening in the engine bay to keep some of the noise down would make for a more enjoyable day in the river

  58. Michael K Bailey

    Michael K Bailey

    9 dagar sedan


  59. Michael K Bailey

    Michael K Bailey

    9 dagar sedan

    my home town dalton ga

  60. JohnLaw JohnLaw

    JohnLaw JohnLaw

    9 dagar sedan

    The neighbors must love you.

  61. Dre Carti

    Dre Carti

    10 dagar sedan

    Gas pedal ptsd

  62. nitroxide91


    10 dagar sedan

    That looks super fun. Those boats sound so cool

  63. Jarrod Baranyk

    Jarrod Baranyk

    10 dagar sedan

    Looks like a Talladega Nights dinner scene. And I'd like to thank Mountain Dew and Bush Light for this thirst quenching nourishment. Did I mention Mountain Dew, Bush Light?! 😜

  64. Roy Kinder

    Roy Kinder

    10 dagar sedan

    Only someone named Cleetus would be doing this....LMAO!

  65. minzahhh1


    10 dagar sedan

    Maddi seems like the best ripper you ever scored mate 👌 what a cool chick

  66. minzahhh1


    10 dagar sedan

    Cletus breath " we need a t shirt 4 dat"

  67. John Lyons

    John Lyons

    10 dagar sedan

    Man that green boat is the sickest machine in America Shelby needs one build Shelby one for the swamps lol

  68. Harley Edwards

    Harley Edwards

    10 dagar sedan

    My supercharged seadoo rxpx rs 300 (jetski) can beat that

  69. Picos Perez

    Picos Perez

    11 dagar sedan

    Why did the water look like gold in it

  70. B B

    B B

    11 dagar sedan

    10:08 Did they rip that speedo out of a street bike?

  71. 1966cambo


    11 dagar sedan

    Remember kids, jet boats have no steering without throttle....THROTTLE IS YOUR FRIEND!

  72. Hoss Brewer

    Hoss Brewer

    11 dagar sedan

    I live about 30 min away from where they are

  73. Chuck Thomas

    Chuck Thomas

    11 dagar sedan

    What a sweet dog, he just wants to be with mom and dad.

  74. dandymcgee


    11 dagar sedan

    Imagine having one of these in a flood.. you'd be set.

  75. Greg Richardson

    Greg Richardson

    11 dagar sedan

    I’ll be dammed lol 😂

  76. Braxton Marcus

    Braxton Marcus

    11 dagar sedan

    Brother you were in my hometown of Dalton,Ga 🇺🇸

  77. Outdoors&Cars


    11 dagar sedan

    that looks like a great spot for stripers and hybrids

    • Her Peeze

      Her Peeze

      8 dagar sedan

      Good place for strippers too.

  78. Rk M

    Rk M

    11 dagar sedan

    I'm just impressed you found a woman as nuts as you are lol

  79. kevin bongard

    kevin bongard

    11 dagar sedan

    Comin in HOT.....hard parks it......lol Wedged between 2 logs I'd keep that dude in my rear view

  80. jasmine dukes

    jasmine dukes

    11 dagar sedan

    The juicy carp inexplicably belong because processing strangely knot with a upbeat ounce. milky, groovy sweatshirt

  81. Divan Stoltz

    Divan Stoltz

    12 dagar sedan

    Rock crawling in a jet boat

  82. C0r3y V1b3s

    C0r3y V1b3s

    12 dagar sedan

    I kayaked that little river I recognized it

  83. qwe mjk

    qwe mjk

    12 dagar sedan

    The sweltering jeep individually imagine because talk immediately suspect below a disturbed ophthalmologist. spectacular, crazy underpants

  84. neppler 1

    neppler 1

    12 dagar sedan

    Has to be one of the worst drivers ever

  85. Tyler Dowd

    Tyler Dowd

    12 dagar sedan

    I couldnt tell you the first thing about boats, all's I know is that thing sounds GOOOOOD

  86. Franklin Beaty

    Franklin Beaty

    12 dagar sedan

    Cleet had that "sounds expensive" face the whole time

    • Mike Christofur

      Mike Christofur

      11 dagar sedan

      P p

  87. Jude G.

    Jude G.

    12 dagar sedan

    Helmets seat harnesses maybe!!!

  88. prod.byfound


    12 dagar sedan

    I actually live in Tennessee. About an hour from Nashville. A small little town of Hartsville. Hope you had fun.

  89. Andrew Kauffman

    Andrew Kauffman

    12 dagar sedan

    Run them in haulover inlet

  90. Jared Campbell

    Jared Campbell

    12 dagar sedan

    I feel like this might also be a helmet sport!

  91. Catherine Stevens

    Catherine Stevens

    12 dagar sedan

    The brash bun angiographically inject because semicircle pivotally succeed abaft a unique blouse. hesitant, left plough

  92. StOnEMoVe420


    12 dagar sedan

    People on Google: -"How much is cleetus McFarland worth?" Google: @16:30

  93. AeroviewUSA


    13 dagar sedan

    How idiots make millions... by millions other idiots...

  94. Lukas Bergman

    Lukas Bergman

    13 dagar sedan

    Bro this was fr 5 minutes away from my house and i was up the road at gee creek and heard jet boats. Wish I would have thought about it being you

  95. matt barker

    matt barker

    13 dagar sedan

    Those are some cool boats ,I won't mind getting 1 myself

  96. Al Orihuela

    Al Orihuela

    13 dagar sedan

    no HPE on the bottom?

  97. Lost Puppy

    Lost Puppy

    13 dagar sedan

    10:34 damn thats some shitty ass welding right there...

  98. Hauntingpanda6


    13 dagar sedan

    I was visiting Tennessee same time you were there wish I seen you

  99. Riley Perry

    Riley Perry

    13 dagar sedan

    I miss tennessee so much. Joined the USAF and I can’t wait to visit home

  100. DJSig


    13 dagar sedan

    what kind of boats are they. like what brand makes them. or did you custom makes those boats yourself because they are really cool. i would look into getting one for myself.

    • B B

      B B

      11 dagar sedan

      He sure makes a hell of an advertisement. I'm not even that into boats and I already want one. jetstreamboats.com They sell a number of kits.