Testing Our HUMVEE To NEW Depths!!! Is It Ready To Drive Completely Underwater???

Really working out the kinks on ol HUMFREE! I think we've finally got a viable unit to finish the driving underwater series!
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    Dude I cant comment on Facebook something about your url not aloud in Australia, anyways I've subscribed on utube now I tried to say you just need to extend snorkel and send it again into that deep part you temporarily couldn't get out of good effort with stock snorkel height, FYI pvc pipe makes a good snorkel extension

    • John Fenwick

      John Fenwick

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      My bad just watch ep 4 and you did extend with pvc pipe going to go watch rest of vid

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    Peter McMullin

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    Andy Brown

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  60. Nuclear Scientist

    Nuclear Scientist

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  86. Long Time

    Long Time

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    unfiltered_ reaction

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