My Humvee Is Defective... (Sank It 3 Times in One Day)

If the driving underwater series has any hope, we need to get started now!
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  1. Teeth & Turbos

    Teeth & Turbos

    Månad sedan

    We saved at least 4 trips back to the store by making this a parking lot project 😂

    • Benny White

      Benny White

      29 dagar sedan

      I don't know why more people don't own these humvees. You can buy them all day in good condition between $5K-$7K on online Govt auction sites. I was able to get 1 for around $4200(just had to replace the 5 gallon buckets with boat folding seats) You can do so much with these lil suckers. Sold my side-by-side and can't be happier. Would love to have a 2door Humvee with the short bed, if anyone knows of one PLEASE let me know... I wont forget about it.

    • l ,

      l ,

      Månad sedan

      its clearly defective my car never ends up in the water.

    • pennsylvaniapatriot


      Månad sedan

      @isaac shively do you also answer your history test with answers from a science text book? Circular logic is a horrible thing.

    • isaac shively

      isaac shively

      Månad sedan

      @pennsylvaniapatriot talking about the Camaro

    • Json


      Månad sedan

      @matt hill it should. military diesels are design to run off anything. incase they have no diesel on hand.

  2. Coordinator61


    3 dagar sedan

    Worst design ever.

  3. Andrew Nadon

    Andrew Nadon

    5 dagar sedan

    Maybe get a boat if you want to drive in water so bad.

  4. chevy vett

    chevy vett

    5 dagar sedan

    Sounds like operator error

  5. 富藍客臨


    6 dagar sedan


    • 富藍客臨


      6 dagar sedan


  6. David Gaston

    David Gaston

    6 dagar sedan

    Stupidity Pure Stupidity

  7. Andrew


    8 dagar sedan

    Better in the swamp.

  8. David Fonseca paniagua

    David Fonseca paniagua

    9 dagar sedan

    Está hecha Pará el Decierto no es acuática.

  9. Jevonté Adams

    Jevonté Adams

    9 dagar sedan

    This is how you do an engine wash in 2021

  10. Michael Lamprecht

    Michael Lamprecht

    10 dagar sedan

    stupid brainwashed

  11. Mike H

    Mike H

    11 dagar sedan

    With a forging kit, no problem, you would have died before the HMMWV LOL.

  12. Auto Hoopla

    Auto Hoopla

    11 dagar sedan

    Call me nuts but if it ain’t snorkeled it’s going to suck in water to the intake manifold. Btw do you border Mexico with that Great Wall?

  13. Gilles Bonneteau

    Gilles Bonneteau

    12 dagar sedan

    next time use a boat

  14. Charlie Wallace

    Charlie Wallace

    12 dagar sedan

    It's not the Humvee that's defective.

  15. Raymond F. Pittam

    Raymond F. Pittam

    12 dagar sedan

    This shows real extreme stupidity. I was in the 101 st. Airborne Rangers and that particular vehicle was not designed for Amphibious Driving.

    • flight 666

      flight 666

      9 dagar sedan

      NO SHIT

  16. Pasha olejnikov

    Pasha olejnikov

    12 dagar sedan

    Молодці !!!

  17. Tianyu Lee

    Tianyu Lee

    12 dagar sedan

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  18. Deft Respected

    Deft Respected

    12 dagar sedan

    Do you know what is mean word "долбоеб"?

  19. Jerry Huculiak

    Jerry Huculiak

    12 dagar sedan

    "D' is for drive in your case "D' is for DUH!

  20. Ree Toaded

    Ree Toaded

    13 dagar sedan

    once that waters been displaced from the internals itll always run for sure

  21. Mario Sepulveda

    Mario Sepulveda

    14 dagar sedan

    Hay que ser el rey de los wueones para matar una joyita asi!!!!

  22. Kody Rivard

    Kody Rivard

    14 dagar sedan

    You don’t even know how to start the jeep that’s fake you should just tell them what you did really yeah because you said you think you’re cool and you’re freaking ugly it is in Ohio got a girlfriend

  23. Canal do Alexandre ATF

    Canal do Alexandre ATF

    14 dagar sedan

    Compra uma Toyota Bandeirante que seus problemas vão acabar kk CJ Land Cruiser

  24. Bee Sod

    Bee Sod

    15 dagar sedan

    legit idiots.

  25. Keith Knight

    Keith Knight

    15 dagar sedan

    Get a Scooba gear

  26. sabri yunus

    sabri yunus

    16 dagar sedan

    come to malaysia..i will show you how malaysian people custom that airflow for 4x4 (giantjungle)

  27. vidal Granados

    vidal Granados

    16 dagar sedan

    That,s not a submarine,my frend

  28. vidal Granados

    vidal Granados

    16 dagar sedan

    Sound ,like a train,

  29. Byrne Gurit

    Byrne Gurit

    17 dagar sedan

    I love humvees! Can you just give it to me?😅

  30. Julien Martelet

    Julien Martelet

    17 dagar sedan

    pauvres gars !!!

  31. Peace Knight

    Peace Knight

    17 dagar sedan

    I guess you thought your humvee was also a canoës-kayaks ....... Now you surely have an idea !

  32. สุนทร suthon

    สุนทร suthon

    17 dagar sedan

    No give to me let.

  33. Christian


    17 dagar sedan

    If I was a psychiatrist, I would inform you that it is NOT the defective party here. It is YOU. 😵 Then I would suggest that you take three aspirins tomorrow and go se some OTHER psychiatrist, not me. I wouldn't even want to get involved. The rule is, "Stupid is as stupid does." Besides, I don't do ABNORMAL psychiatry.

  34. ตุ้ยหมา


    18 dagar sedan


  35. Jay Escobar

    Jay Escobar

    18 dagar sedan

    Did u engage the deep water fording valve to make sure it does not suck water in?

  36. Tech Gadgets

    Tech Gadgets

    18 dagar sedan

    How To Change Your Tire Smartly | Most essential items you Should Keep in Your Car.

  37. eMachine


    18 dagar sedan

    Eu vi um peixe pular no carro

  38. ศรายุทธ สุขเลิศวัฒณา

    ศรายุทธ สุขเลิศวัฒณา

    19 dagar sedan


  39. ศรายุทธ สุขเลิศวัฒณา

    ศรายุทธ สุขเลิศวัฒณา

    19 dagar sedan

    ลองของมันคิดว่ารถของมันสุดยอด สมน๋าหน้ามันฮัมวี่เปันฮัมเปื่ยน



    19 dagar sedan

    Do this with Hummer EV🤣

  41. DK Topgun

    DK Topgun

    19 dagar sedan

    I have one of these Humvees but haven't gone off road yet. It runs fine.

  42. SnapDart


    19 dagar sedan

    ..don't try this at home!

  43. Jake Combs

    Jake Combs

    20 dagar sedan

    i would much rather see the repairs than they go unnoticed honestly cleet



    20 dagar sedan


  45. Adrian Roberto Agostinelli

    Adrian Roberto Agostinelli

    20 dagar sedan

    Qué estupidez!!!

  46. HowItWorks


    20 dagar sedan

    Не очень понял, что он пытался добиться. Это же не подводная лодка. Есть какой то предел разумного погружения. Типа по глубокой луже проехать, не погружаясь в неё полностью с крышей.

  47. Watcharatorn Sangaemjit

    Watcharatorn Sangaemjit

    21 dag sedan


  48. Васильев Дмитрий

    Васильев Дмитрий

    22 dagar sedan

    Хорошо помудели!

  49. Street FX Motorsport TV

    Street FX Motorsport TV

    22 dagar sedan

    Heads up, do not use your tow ball for recovery. Use the tow bar pin in the hitch. Towballs snap off and can kill/injure people..

  50. Vasiliy Gilev

    Vasiliy Gilev

    22 dagar sedan

  51. Andrew Harmon

    Andrew Harmon

    22 dagar sedan

    U findly tore it up then.

  52. Larry Harrison

    Larry Harrison

    22 dagar sedan

    Now we know why our country is in trouble.

  53. manuel bruno de la cruz

    manuel bruno de la cruz

    23 dagar sedan

    Macho si tantas ganas tienes de romperlo prenderle fuego y acabas antes aunque yo creo que no te mereces tener un vehículo como ese es mucho para ti

  54. Rita de Cassia

    Rita de Cassia

    24 dagar sedan


  55. peter brown

    peter brown

    24 dagar sedan

    Be easier buying a row boat...

  56. Юрий


    24 dagar sedan

    Привет с России.

  57. Judge TK

    Judge TK

    24 dagar sedan

    Do away with the mechanical fan and she will run like a top. I always turned up the rpm about 75 to 100 rpm to keep the pipes clean. Take the belt off or go electric before your next submerge. You would be surprised how much power it takes from an idle motor with the fan turning. Love those Humv's.

  58. Dom Perso

    Dom Perso

    25 dagar sedan

    stupid guys do you think at animal on this water ????????? i practice 4x4 but i respect the nature

  59. jeremy draper

    jeremy draper

    25 dagar sedan

    Did you just leave all the water in the oil?

  60. jeremy draper

    jeremy draper

    25 dagar sedan

    Why? Your lucky to have a nice clean pond, why drive a frickin car into it?

  61. Bo Solwold

    Bo Solwold

    25 dagar sedan

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  62. Koning Bolo

    Koning Bolo

    25 dagar sedan

    When Mil-spec fails go Ace Hardware....

  63. David B Caton

    David B Caton

    25 dagar sedan

    3 times sunk...May not be the Humvee, which is defective...Just mentioning that fact...!!!

  64. David DZ

    David DZ

    26 dagar sedan

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  65. Gilbert Greens

    Gilbert Greens

    26 dagar sedan

    Should’ve joined the military if you wanted to play with big boy toys.

  66. Yannick Lamoureux

    Yannick Lamoureux

    26 dagar sedan

    Play with snow runner

  67. Dan d

    Dan d

    26 dagar sedan

    quick conclusion : 17:36

  68. Autotune Indonesia

    Autotune Indonesia

    26 dagar sedan

    You get the fish dude, haha Very tough for old cars Thumbs up from Autotune Indonesia...

  69. Frank Paterson

    Frank Paterson

    26 dagar sedan

    Does the word fuckwit ring a bell?

  70. Ducháček to Zařídí

    Ducháček to Zařídí

    27 dagar sedan

    krásné auto, hloupý majitel

  71. Walter Gabauer

    Walter Gabauer

    27 dagar sedan

    how stupid can people actually be? not funny

  72. Tremayne Onyeanus

    Tremayne Onyeanus

    27 dagar sedan

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  73. Стрижов Сергей

    Стрижов Сергей

    27 dagar sedan

    Ты бы его ещё с 10 этажа сбросил)))а потом улыбался и почему же хаммер не летает?)))по той же простой причине что хаммер не подводная лодка,тупица!)))

  74. JL R. TEXANO.50

    JL R. TEXANO.50

    27 dagar sedan

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  75. adnan ali

    adnan ali

    27 dagar sedan

    What is that, looks like trash



    27 dagar sedan

    Para tu mayor información te explico que es una tontería meter en 4x4 en el agua porque los 4x4 sabe nadar eh y luego se ahoga tiene y luego si lo llenas de agua te vas a ver negro para desmontarlo todo y secarlo

  77. ARV VIL


    27 dagar sedan

    Yeah when the IQ is missing then blame the car...

  78. ptipapout


    27 dagar sedan

    Sans déconner ! Rien que le générique est responsable de la moitié du réchauffement climatique de la planète !! A part brûler du Gaz-Oil les gars ? ... savez faire autre chose ?

  79. Pauline George

    Pauline George

    27 dagar sedan

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  80. てふてふ


    27 dagar sedan

    why you needed tires .

  81. Raul Francio

    Raul Francio

    28 dagar sedan


  82. Anthony Crognale

    Anthony Crognale

    28 dagar sedan

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    28 dagar sedan

    did anyone tell this fella that humvees were designed to sink.

  84. MrJusape


    28 dagar sedan

    That GM 6.2D ( or 6.5D ) engine are not OK running , even before that idiot type water driving ....

  85. Jeremy hanna

    Jeremy hanna

    28 dagar sedan

    I believe that would be McFarland marine as its designed to run under water

  86. Redsuns ZOMBIE

    Redsuns ZOMBIE

    28 dagar sedan

    When I was a kid my dad always said he wanted an old military hummer. These things are sick

  87. peke Milenium

    peke Milenium

    28 dagar sedan


  88. Jochen Neubauer

    Jochen Neubauer

    29 dagar sedan

    Sorry wenn ich das übersteigerte Ego der Nordamerikaner hier etwas ankratze! diese spielchen schaffe ich mit einem Lada UdSSR vor 40 Jahren auch, wenn er einen Schnorchel hat! ! ; Waren die amis überhaupt auf dem Mond und warum haben sie das verlernt!????) oder war das nur Hollywood? nein Hollywood währe perfekter! ;-) Sorry if I scratch the exaggerated ego of North Americans here! I can do these games with a Lada USSR 40 years ago, even if it has a snorkel! ! ; Were the Americans on the moon at all and why did they forget that! ????) or was it just Hollywood? no Hollywood would be more perfect! ;-)

  89. Butch C

    Butch C

    29 dagar sedan

    Dumbass. Truck deserves more respect.

  90. Erik E

    Erik E

    29 dagar sedan

    Haha the fish flopping up on the hood. Thats how you test a machine.

  91. GankMan


    29 dagar sedan


  92. SuperKwame1


    29 dagar sedan

    These vehicles don't live up to what they are made to believe, They drink diesel and needs constant fixing!

    • brdwonder


      28 dagar sedan

      Too true, diesel is too limited in rpm range to be competitive with gasoline in off road applications. notwithstanding the noxious fumes and the sound of 3 tin cans clanking together. Diesel fuel is more suited to burning in a home furnace than in an off road vehicle. Plus the fact that an automatic transmission has no place in any vehicle unless the operator is less than competent.

  93. Robert Pickett

    Robert Pickett

    29 dagar sedan

    No you’re broke it🤔😁😄 that vehicle needs a better owner🤔

  94. Susan Tekola

    Susan Tekola

    29 dagar sedan

    its not illegal to be stupid

  95. Rocket


    29 dagar sedan


  96. Lisa Hughes

    Lisa Hughes

    29 dagar sedan

    Bloody CRACKPOTS, the lot of 'em.

  97. Janos Varga

    Janos Varga

    29 dagar sedan

    I think that was a Gold Fish and sawe the day !

  98. MTG


    29 dagar sedan


  99. Travis Burns

    Travis Burns

    Månad sedan

    I really like how the 2nd gen pulled the humvee out of that fish pond.

  100. Axell Axell

    Axell Axell

    Månad sedan

    Que estúpidos son que forma de joder un Auto