We Wrapped Our Supercharged Mini Jet Boats and They Look AMAZING!!! (many freedoms)

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Yup, the boats are officially ready for some big boy river action... maybe even some rapids!

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  1. Cleetus McFarland

    Cleetus McFarland

    25 dagar sedan

    Are we sponsored? No... Do I care? Hell no! Hahaha

    • T Abel

      T Abel

      22 dagar sedan

      You should put a giant light bar across the top of your windscreen and do some night riding

    • findley


      24 dagar sedan

      We need a Leroy update

    • John Morgan

      John Morgan

      24 dagar sedan

      Who built these @cleetus McFarland

    • brett owens

      brett owens

      24 dagar sedan

      You are checking the oil wrong. Need to run 15 seconds then check it . It's Dry sump

    • Dino


      24 dagar sedan

      TJ Hunt got sponsored by NOS becauese a lot of people tag him in their IG. Should we do the same ?

  2. rjkdev


    19 dagar sedan

    Need to mount one of the stadium lights you had on the Crown Vic! Lol!

  3. GaryLordsWayMinistry


    20 dagar sedan

    I am so tired of hearing "Fire Me Up"~!~

  4. Xerophane Ash

    Xerophane Ash

    21 dag sedan

    What happened to rubies headlight

  5. Mickelson Racing Channel

    Mickelson Racing Channel

    21 dag sedan

    That came out great for both! Awesome ideas!

  6. Aishiteru Daisuki

    Aishiteru Daisuki

    21 dag sedan

    M̳y̳ ̳P̳r̳i̳v̳a̳t̳e̳ ̳S̳e̳x̳💋 !! big⏭️ !♥今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばか !💖🖤❤️#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!#1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした

  7. conner brzuchowski

    conner brzuchowski

    22 dagar sedan

    Kinda disappointed it’s not Busch lattè

  8. alex33211


    22 dagar sedan

    jesus, enough with the 'fire me up' stupid shiz

  9. Caleb Gilmore

    Caleb Gilmore

    22 dagar sedan

    Where did the wraps come from? i need something smaller in the busch light persuasion for an rc car hahahaha

  10. Wes Carpenter

    Wes Carpenter

    22 dagar sedan

    What vehicle would you most like to ride in out of the fleet? The toter!

  11. jdspeed99z


    22 dagar sedan

    Have the underside of the engine covers on the jet boats wrapped with the "James get the toolbox" t-shirt design. LOL

  12. Patrick Tomasello

    Patrick Tomasello

    22 dagar sedan

    LFG fire me up!!!!

  13. Scott Vandenbosch

    Scott Vandenbosch

    22 dagar sedan

    That mt dew is sick! Fire me up brother

  14. Scott Vandenbosch

    Scott Vandenbosch

    22 dagar sedan

    It was only a matter of time! They look so amazing!

  15. shane danford

    shane danford

    23 dagar sedan

    Is that all the turbo you can run on the vette? Looks a little small 😳

  16. [Trump] Fan Cardano Stake Pool

    [Trump] Fan Cardano Stake Pool

    23 dagar sedan

    Mmmm those wraps look good.

  17. Matthew O'Brien

    Matthew O'Brien

    23 dagar sedan

    Need that to be 6 50 certified for ruby she going places

  18. Seth Hollingshead

    Seth Hollingshead

    23 dagar sedan

    The fucking vinyl isn't even trimmed inside the Busch boat on the left inside its loose. Wtf

  19. Trevor Barnes

    Trevor Barnes

    23 dagar sedan

    That trailer is definitely fat boy friendly!

  20. DJ Statyk

    DJ Statyk

    23 dagar sedan

    8:35 perhaps the first time that's ever been said

  21. Joey Thornton

    Joey Thornton

    23 dagar sedan

    Tennessee welcomes you Brother

  22. Dylan Hobbies

    Dylan Hobbies

    23 dagar sedan

    You hands down put out some of best content on the tube. Keep er going bud!

  23. BraaapAllDay


    23 dagar sedan

    2:44 this is what I was saying it needed on the back

  24. Twisted SxS

    Twisted SxS

    23 dagar sedan

    Flexin 💪 with that setup!! Sweet.

  25. Kerry Dorsey

    Kerry Dorsey

    23 dagar sedan

    James tries to jam the dipstick in backwards. The Jet Busch (Light) screams “OW”!

  26. Lee Bullock

    Lee Bullock

    23 dagar sedan

    Those boats look freaking amazing where did you get the wraps done I want to wrap my Polaris slingshot



    23 dagar sedan

    Hell yeah the wraps look sick as hell

  28. wtfnothingwurks


    23 dagar sedan

    Busch light.....C'mon james... bitch beer.... SMH

  29. The Surferjo Show with Chef Frankie

    The Surferjo Show with Chef Frankie

    23 dagar sedan

    happy Memorial Day

  30. CHIEF X


    24 dagar sedan

    Cleet should 100% wrap the toterhome and trailer with the Freedom Factory colors

  31. Cj Cook

    Cj Cook

    24 dagar sedan

    I think the jet boats are the best thing you've done so far and I remember when Leroy came to life... no offense Leroy

  32. Justin Burns

    Justin Burns

    24 dagar sedan

    Turn the humvee into a ripper!

  33. TheMarkedOffGalaxy


    24 dagar sedan

    Such cool little boats! 😆 👍🏽

  34. Simon Bratescu

    Simon Bratescu

    24 dagar sedan

    7:48 Cleetus has so many Crown Vics he started using them as his shopping lists lol

  35. Jeff Spengemann

    Jeff Spengemann

    24 dagar sedan


  36. M Riippa

    M Riippa

    24 dagar sedan

    frikking awsome. all it need is some window tint

  37. Michael Rivera

    Michael Rivera

    24 dagar sedan

    Would you get sued Cuz your using someone's logo?

  38. TheBaconBrotato


    24 dagar sedan

    Wraps are sick.

  39. MotokoKusanagi


    24 dagar sedan

    freedom mower cleet make it happen

  40. David Geelan

    David Geelan

    24 dagar sedan

    The look mint Cleetus.

  41. Buschelob Ultra

    Buschelob Ultra

    24 dagar sedan

    Those boats are amazing looking. Also tell James to contact Busch i guarantee they’d give him something

  42. LazyPilot99 Gaming

    LazyPilot99 Gaming

    24 dagar sedan

    Soooo Hard to not be jealous of these guys !!! And that's all I've got to say about that.lol

  43. JacMoves


    24 dagar sedan

    Sooo sick!!!

  44. ponypwr


    24 dagar sedan

    Time to wrap the Toter and trailer!

  45. Gonzo


    24 dagar sedan

    You just need the american ferrari to add to your toys. Pontiac fieros are rippers but youll need to do something about the headroom issue. Seats can be lowered

  46. Joey Ries

    Joey Ries

    24 dagar sedan

    Bad Ass Brother 🤘🇺🇲💪

  47. Nick Cervantez

    Nick Cervantez

    24 dagar sedan

    Sickkkkk...I want one bad now! But damn does it normally take 1 1/2 to 2 weeks to send a instock order out. A 9 product order isnt really that much, i didnt think so anyways lol. Got the All black & the red, white and blue cleetus glasses and im dying to switch off both pairs brother!!!!! btw, LETER EAT brother.

  48. Richard Scarlett

    Richard Scarlett

    24 dagar sedan

    fire me upuh...could you try and talk like an adult LOL

  49. Chris R

    Chris R

    24 dagar sedan

    Am I the only one who is disappointed it wasn't an EAGLE??? :D :D :D Looks good fellas! Rock on!

  50. A Ruela

    A Ruela

    24 dagar sedan

    These SHORT VIDEOS ARE KILLING ME!!!!.. I'm starting to get into it and boom.. video is over..

  51. Rick Spenkelink

    Rick Spenkelink

    24 dagar sedan


  52. LikeJuiceC Gaming

    LikeJuiceC Gaming

    24 dagar sedan

    that is a very strange looking truck

  53. Craig Stern

    Craig Stern

    24 dagar sedan

    I can't believe how many people out there actually have enough money to do this kind of silly shit..

  54. Dose Of Yina

    Dose Of Yina

    24 dagar sedan

    Fire me up!

  55. Pitbull Gamer81

    Pitbull Gamer81

    24 dagar sedan

    They both taste like piss

  56. Cameron Gilbert

    Cameron Gilbert

    24 dagar sedan

    Yo cleft is I just passed you on I-7( with the totor and the beautiful mtn dew and Busch light unit

  57. Tyler Eubanks outdoors

    Tyler Eubanks outdoors

    24 dagar sedan

    Have fun be safe out there

  58. INeedTums 3

    INeedTums 3

    24 dagar sedan

    As of 05/29/2021 around 4pm on i-75 south you guys drove by my I blow my horn at you have fun

  59. Aware Phoenix

    Aware Phoenix

    24 dagar sedan

    Y’all done yet

  60. Rick Jansen

    Rick Jansen

    24 dagar sedan

    Im i the only one who thinks that the windshield om the mtn dew looks weird??

  61. Good Vibes with Big Shane

    Good Vibes with Big Shane

    24 dagar sedan


    • Good Vibes with Big Shane

      Good Vibes with Big Shane

      24 dagar sedan

      I hate to add my problems but we need help

  62. Bondido


    24 dagar sedan

    We have a winner in “Man with the most toys”.

  63. Big Bear

    Big Bear

    24 dagar sedan

    You betcha combo video!!!!!!!!

  64. Dan Smith

    Dan Smith

    24 dagar sedan

    I want a Mtn Dew jet boat!

  65. Tripp Rogers

    Tripp Rogers

    24 dagar sedan

    Dear Cleetus, Please take care during your upcoming race weeks… Your fans love you! Be careful! And good luck!

  66. Chuck Johnson

    Chuck Johnson

    24 dagar sedan

    Hi Cleetus I love your videos so much and I wish I was with you but I am at mid Michigan right now till Monday.



    24 dagar sedan

    WOW MAN.... They look Sick

  68. 51UPST8 Street Racing

    51UPST8 Street Racing

    24 dagar sedan

    Dude your MD boat is f#!kin awesome! I never seen that shit coming lol Nice one bud

  69. johnnie green

    johnnie green

    24 dagar sedan

    We need more jet boat videos!!!!

  70. Dino


    24 dagar sedan

    I don't think none of the brands will get mad at this. Cleet is giving their brand free promotion basically. Maybe they should send some free pallets just to thank these guys lol

  71. Matt Broomfield

    Matt Broomfield

    24 dagar sedan

    So .. when will toterhome and the stacker be getting wraps?!

  72. Thomas Lane

    Thomas Lane

    24 dagar sedan

    you should use the crown vic car hauler revamp it to haul the two jet boats, then you can haul them in the car hauler enclose maybe

  73. Colin Clarke

    Colin Clarke

    24 dagar sedan

    i was in disbelief when i saw the tiny ball holding that stacker to the toter 😂 sketchy

  74. Dallas Henry

    Dallas Henry

    24 dagar sedan

    Ruby needs a full containment seat to cause she is kinda faster then leroy now

  75. Boosted SA

    Boosted SA

    24 dagar sedan

    Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho!!!!! Bunch of grown men trying to say stop reversing😂😂

  76. B J Brown

    B J Brown

    24 dagar sedan

    James what do find between two mountains?

  77. Robert Richard

    Robert Richard

    24 dagar sedan

    Can't wait to see you Monday afternoon for the Midwest race week

  78. oc2vegas420


    24 dagar sedan

    These vids are way better without that chicks commentary screaming in the mic . Wife’s make your Chanel avoidable

  79. mtnbikerfred


    24 dagar sedan

    Talk to Mike Finnegan about golf cart wheels and putting jet-boats INSIDE trailers....

  80. Ken Kline

    Ken Kline

    24 dagar sedan

    Uncle Mikes big boy river?

  81. Brandon Parkinson

    Brandon Parkinson

    24 dagar sedan

    Bush is nasty ... That's shit ya drink when your 18 😂🤦🏼‍♂️

  82. Rory Westfall

    Rory Westfall

    24 dagar sedan

    Please find a different catch phrase than "HOLY TOLEDO". It would be appreciated.

  83. CCundiff


    24 dagar sedan

    Every month is the month of freedom

  84. moto fish

    moto fish

    24 dagar sedan

    They look like throw away advertisements now. Natural aluminum looks way better. You just have to care for them properly. Putting foam over diamond plate is lame! That shit has no place in the wild northwest. If you had your shit together, you would have had them both powder coated before assembly.....

  85. Tyler french

    Tyler french

    24 dagar sedan

    Was the mountain dew one JH diesels

  86. Luke Pickering

    Luke Pickering

    24 dagar sedan

    What a great video for my birthday! great video they look awesome!!!

  87. Jacob Hura

    Jacob Hura

    24 dagar sedan

    Cleetus when you come to summit motorsports park you should drive our dragster my dad said you should

  88. KCars


    24 dagar sedan

    Love that dew boat

  89. Andrew Locke

    Andrew Locke

    24 dagar sedan

    i hope you got permission to use there logos or they may confiscate them

  90. mike marchese

    mike marchese

    24 dagar sedan

    Just passed you guys on hwy 64 in Cleveland!!

  91. mookie wilson

    mookie wilson

    24 dagar sedan

    hey Busch these guy just gave you a ten minute add for 2 million people, can they get a fricken free oass to Busch Gardens already???

  92. Take a stride or Step aside

    Take a stride or Step aside

    24 dagar sedan

    The toter needs a wireless backup camera down by the hitch...we put them on our 2500 rams and you can one person it right over the ball every time

  93. St1ckyJesus


    24 dagar sedan

    I'm sorry to hear that James doesn't know good beer.

  94. Boost Life

    Boost Life

    24 dagar sedan

    Would recommend parking the toter and trailer under a car port 🤣

  95. Shawn Kinman

    Shawn Kinman

    24 dagar sedan

    When are you going to take the jetboats up to Finnegan's for a hang out lake day?

  96. heymikeylikesit1


    24 dagar sedan

    “A little overkill.” Lol no kidding

  97. heymikeylikesit1


    24 dagar sedan

    Amazing. I have no words! INSIDE AND OUT TOO! The freakin pop top....

  98. Jay Cooper

    Jay Cooper

    24 dagar sedan

    I hope you contacted Pepsi before you had this done. They can be absolutly anal about their trademarks being used on vehicles without written permision. This can get very expensive if you don't ave permission. I know one guy who ended up paying $250,000 for putting the Mt. Dew logo on his race car without permission. Anheiser Busch is even worse, They file lawsuits over this crap all the time.

  99. Carnaxus


    24 dagar sedan

    You need some kind of cover for the “flatbed” part of the toter for when you’re not hauling the stacker, it just looks weird to me.

  100. Matthew Dannevik

    Matthew Dannevik

    24 dagar sedan

    the worst beer on earth