Preparing the HUMVEE To Drive Completely Underwater!!! (24' Snorkels)

This will be the fist driving underwater episode where we won't feel completely unprepared!!! Time to get some scuba equipment and make it happen!
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  1. Cleetus McFarland

    Cleetus McFarland

    Månad sedan

    You guys CRUSHED yesterday’s Merch drop!!! Thank you all so much!! We went ahead and restocked some more Dad Bod and Freedom Father today for some of you who missed out 🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Dirty Ben's Garage

      Dirty Ben's Garage

      Månad sedan


    • firebirdude2


      Månad sedan

      You've GOT to bring back the Twin Turbskies tee, Cleeter!!!! It's the #1 iconic OG design of your channel!

    • Phill Black

      Phill Black

      Månad sedan

      Please play this I hope you read this but you probably can also have James do something with the plastic and like add on extra heck it could be Coke bottles or a nitrous bottle or something added to the the pipe so that way while it's sucking down through the intake it can give the extra volume that is needed and allow itself to equalize and catch up catch itself up it sounds crazy but some cars when you take and go to a custom intake they will idle search or starve so if you put those I called and resignation Chambers it's not the term just extra airspace canisters going up and down through there it will help with the response and not choke it out as fast just a tip I hope you read this

    • The Great Outdoors

      The Great Outdoors

      Månad sedan

      Its funny how all you own is garbage chevys. Theres a reason you can't race.

    • Eric The Red

      Eric The Red

      Månad sedan

      Hey Cleet, could ya’ll make a FL flag FF or CM shirt? It doesn’t have to say “Florida man” because I think that’s cliche. Just a cool shirt with the FL state flag on it.

  2. Adler Mayne

    Adler Mayne

    23 dagar sedan

    Day 6.2 of asking for the galaxy!!!!

  3. GankMan


    27 dagar sedan

    Cleetus u need to get a SHERP! A badass vehicle :D

  4. Andy Brown

    Andy Brown

    29 dagar sedan

    Take the fan out, it is too much old when under water

  5. David Kelm

    David Kelm

    29 dagar sedan

    Definitely gonna be a wet hummer 😅

  6. Antwon Coleman

    Antwon Coleman

    29 dagar sedan

    Follow me on Instagram @ Manmade_Mafioso #HellYeahBrother

  7. Ramy Fal

    Ramy Fal

    29 dagar sedan

    Why is the Audio Quality is trash on this video ???

  8. Justin Burns

    Justin Burns

    Månad sedan

    Turn the humvee into a ripper!

  9. Fate3d


    Månad sedan

    You might want to check the gear hubs. I bet they have water in them. Fording kit vent piping connects to the wheel hubs, transmission, transfer case, power steering pump. Vent line for snorkel is for the gas tank. Everything else is pressurized from the pcv valve from the engine.

  10. does it really MATTer

    does it really MATTer

    Månad sedan

    But a tractor flap on it xD

  11. TilDeath1776 US

    TilDeath1776 US

    Månad sedan

    You need a one way check valve in base of stack. 1/2” is plenty. Will allow any water that gets in to pour out after pullin above the water

  12. George Taylor

    George Taylor

    Månad sedan

    Where is the Freedom Flag? It's basically a flagpole

  13. M Riippa

    M Riippa

    Månad sedan

    u can almost drive to europe with that

  14. hosh arts

    hosh arts

    Månad sedan

    Can I have that mk3 Supra in the background? Lol

  15. hosh arts

    hosh arts

    Månad sedan

    Now you need to connect a 24’ snorkel for you to breath thru 😂😂

  16. Rosegold Beats

    Rosegold Beats

    Månad sedan

    Can you imaging smuggling a car to a different country with this method

  17. Brayden Farrugia

    Brayden Farrugia

    Månad sedan

    Man this is crazy the Humvee still drivable after everything it been through Lmfao.

  18. Plyxrs


    Månad sedan


  19. Christopher Pullan

    Christopher Pullan

    Månad sedan

    Tig is better SMH

  20. lb9 GTA

    lb9 GTA

    Månad sedan

    "I'm not going to pan up untill you get it in there" Jackstand Jimmy 2021

  21. Diehlsville


    Månad sedan

    Love the Month of May!!

  22. Mark J. Cady Jr.

    Mark J. Cady Jr.

    Månad sedan

    Hummer. THE vehicle that followed me through 20 years of my automotive engineering career at Lotus Engineering (where we built a test tank to run the Hummer under water. Sound familiar?) doing the engine development, Structural Testing Services to do the suspension durability testing, SMTC where we did Modal Analysis on various variations that exceeded the original load specifications, and Chrysler where I had the original AM General phone number - I got to know the folks servicing Hummers "in the field" like the Middle East during Desert Storm. LOTS of broken Hummers that needed parts and hookin' dem up with those supplying them. Have fun! LOTS of work went into making Hummers the BEAST they are today......

  23. enviro


    Månad sedan

    Doug dimmesdale's humvee

  24. stevengary1989


    Månad sedan

    YEE! YEE!

  25. Richard Redding

    Richard Redding

    Månad sedan

    Just use the monster truck

  26. John Cipolletti

    John Cipolletti

    Månad sedan

    Why don't someone actually talk to military people who used this $180,000 (government paid) piece if junk. I did. It had constant breakdowns and was expensive to repair. Oh, thete was NO decent shielding against IEDs until steel plates were welded in the floor boards. In fact, maybe it should be used under water. It was horrible on land!

  27. Daniel Hendrik

    Daniel Hendrik

    Månad sedan

    The gearbox will fill up with water

  28. Andrew Dutton

    Andrew Dutton

    Månad sedan

    Needs 4 screendoors for added hermetics

  29. Motorman


    Månad sedan

    "Florida giraffe crosses Atlantic in Humarine"

  30. Josh Laird

    Josh Laird

    Månad sedan

    You need to put a red flashing light on the top of that so airplanes don't run into it

  31. Spac8


    Månad sedan

    Stick a little 180 at the top of the exhaust and get it pointing down. Will stop it trying to "pour" in when it gets to the level of it. :)

  32. Me ShaneH

    Me ShaneH

    Månad sedan


  33. Joseph Wilmar

    Joseph Wilmar

    Månad sedan

    As someone who drove hmmwvs in service of our nation, it is funny to see people hype the vehicle. It's a pile of junk. Haha! Little tip, you can get it go over 65 mph if you drive it down a hill. LOL! :P

  34. gary s

    gary s

    Månad sedan

    having a snorkel that high is crazy and I hope YOU have a snorkel just is high or scuba tank Hell ya brother ! Just hold your breath LMAO

  35. Andrew Mayo

    Andrew Mayo

    Månad sedan

    If only you had a check vavle for the exhaust

  36. mustangman6579


    Månad sedan

    So cleetus, you've probably heard, the channel ProdigyTV is also doing an underwater Humvee. The only logical step to this, is to hold an underwater race. Winner is the king of Humvee subs.

  37. Doug Clapsaddle

    Doug Clapsaddle

    Månad sedan

    Should’ve pulled beside the tailer facing the other way. Could’ve used it as a big ladder

  38. Doug Clapsaddle

    Doug Clapsaddle

    Månad sedan

    Its 20’ sticks of pvc and thats called a fernco😂

  39. Brian Ozdemir

    Brian Ozdemir

    Månad sedan

    Hey Cletus and gang! Our family loves watching your channel. Hey we were dying when we saw how high the snorkel went the first time LOL We were screaming laughing. Hey my wife said you can use the snorkel as a flag pole as well. Fly an American flag off it when your under water. Hell yeah Brother!!!

  40. Matthew Antos

    Matthew Antos

    Månad sedan

    Your schedule is very messed up for me. If you could fix the link or your website that would be very helpfull

  41. Henco de Lange

    Henco de Lange

    Månad sedan

    Okay that is just dumb

  42. Martyn Cox

    Martyn Cox

    Månad sedan

    You lot are to funny pmsl literally love you and james are top notch quality comical lol

  43. Wes Mooty

    Wes Mooty

    Månad sedan


  44. Michael Mackaman

    Michael Mackaman

    Månad sedan

    needs a turbo

  45. gaalen111


    Månad sedan

    Could air down the tires to get into the shop easier 😅

  46. beyblade destiny

    beyblade destiny

    Månad sedan

    I am so happy I told him do underwater

  47. GAMING Profi 2

    GAMING Profi 2

    Månad sedan

    Name idea for humvee:humveebeats or the beast

  48. derek Williams

    derek Williams

    Månad sedan

    Straight pipe it

  49. my real name

    my real name

    Månad sedan

    Beatles: We all live in a yellow submarine! Florida Man: We all fight Gators in our Military Hummarine!

  50. Rick Spenkelink

    Rick Spenkelink

    Månad sedan


  51. GaryLordsWayMinistry


    Månad sedan

    I hope you stayed below 13'6" that is the law boys. 14' on a flatbed trailer, that's it.

  52. wi n

    wi n

    Månad sedan

    Make the Exhaust tip face down with some pipe it’s like holding a cup upside down in water won’t fill

  53. MidgetshootingGunsAk


    Månad sedan 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  54. Midwest Corvette

    Midwest Corvette

    Månad sedan

    I thought you’d air down your tires to get into the shop lol

  55. 8 Mile

    8 Mile

    Månad sedan

    Should pull the fan off the motor when you take it though the water.

  56. Jake zumberge

    Jake zumberge

    Månad sedan

    Ayyyyyy mullet man, why dont ya use a flexible pipe with a float on top then the intake pipe will always be above water

  57. ElmoZ71 LS1

    ElmoZ71 LS1

    Månad sedan

    Needs a tractor flap

  58. Fetus McCarlane

    Fetus McCarlane

    Månad sedan

    Cleethub Premium FLORIDA MEN Getting a Hummer and Laying Pipe..

  59. Jagserdig Alltid

    Jagserdig Alltid

    Månad sedan

    How du you vent the fueltank?

  60. UR Awesome!

    UR Awesome!

    Månad sedan

    You will need to dress up as sponge bob square pants when you drive underwater. Too much entertainment ha ha.

  61. Jordan Gryg

    Jordan Gryg

    Månad sedan

    Now you just need some boggers ! Lockers?

  62. Jordan Gryg

    Jordan Gryg

    Månad sedan

    Don’t suck any bald eagles in that snorkel cleet !

  63. Zikira


    Månad sedan

    Think your gonna some extra support on the intake sooo wobbly.. typing this @ 12 minutes in :P

  64. Jay E

    Jay E

    Månad sedan

    HUMFREE what a name hahahahaha

  65. jim von feldt

    jim von feldt

    Månad sedan

    You Need to get back to the track for some racing?

  66. Paddy Boy

    Paddy Boy

    Månad sedan

    With all this scientificicity going on shouldn’t you have broken out the white lab coats?

  67. bluedog customs

    bluedog customs

    Månad sedan

    Who needs to air down tires when you got a few people around

  68. James Nichols

    James Nichols

    Månad sedan

    As a plumber I slapped my forehead at 4.5in Pvc , come on James.

  69. UthacalthingTymbrimi


    Månad sedan

    Trailer ramps? What for?

  70. monster havoc

    monster havoc

    Månad sedan

    Hey Cletus You can’t hose clamp wood to a exhaust and your top on the Humvee it will most likely start a fire

  71. ZigZag Rambo

    ZigZag Rambo

    Månad sedan

    Intake base seal may actually be good to use flex tape ...

  72. Scott Plymire

    Scott Plymire

    Månad sedan

    Invite Sendit Steve onto your channel.

  73. El Loko

    El Loko

    Månad sedan

    Can u get some more fuel into that hummarine its just not right having a stack and not smoking

  74. Clayton Cannon

    Clayton Cannon

    Månad sedan

    Put a tractor flap on the exhaust

  75. Riptide


    Månad sedan

    One could very well classify this as a pipe dream lolol

  76. Christian Garcia

    Christian Garcia

    Månad sedan

    james cutting the tape with a clamp bolt/nut just proves me and him are the same person in heart

  77. Duke 1833

    Duke 1833

    Månad sedan

    Is the team ready to take on a DOD contract for 140,000 bogging kits? The freedom factory is about to get a whole lot bigger!

  78. kleetus92


    Månad sedan

    Please remember to seal that bleeder on the bottom of the air cleaner! And make sure all the breathers go into the intake as well!

  79. mradamlinek


    Månad sedan

    Don't get your butt cheeks wet!

  80. Chris Townsend

    Chris Townsend

    Månad sedan

    When Is the next event!!!?????

  81. DSR


    Månad sedan

    When this is all done you need to build the humvee. Maybe a 12 valve Cummins

  82. Ted Reeves

    Ted Reeves

    Månad sedan

    Did he use 309l or 308 on that stainless to black??

  83. ray w

    ray w

    Månad sedan

    Humarine needs tracker stack cover

  84. Dominick Chiofolo

    Dominick Chiofolo

    Månad sedan

    Yeah so that supra thooo 👀

  85. Barrett Gragg

    Barrett Gragg

    Månad sedan

    They are going to drown before they sink it

  86. twothreebravo


    Månad sedan

    Me seeing video title: "Ha ha, ol' Cleeter with the classic blunder mixing up ' and ". He's not putting a 24 FOOT snorkel on the Hummer" Me Watching the Video: Well shit, when Ol' Cleeter says a 24' snorkel, he means a 24' snorkel Ye Haw!

  87. Dawson


    Månad sedan

    So what’s the reason that some people put the exhaust out the water and others don’t mess with it? Simply the depth they’re going too? The pressure down deep will be to great?

  88. mr machinist

    mr machinist

    Månad sedan

    Watch the hydro line's 😁

  89. N1C G3ORG3

    N1C G3ORG3

    Månad sedan

    who else misses the galaxy

  90. Clem Fandango

    Clem Fandango

    Månad sedan




    Månad sedan

    I probably wouldn’t put the trans vent in the intake pipe you’ll have sucking

  92. Explore NC

    Explore NC

    Månad sedan

    "Look...goats are like mushrooms. Because if you shoot a duck. I'm scared of toasters. If I don't run for president, we'll all be OK. C'mon man you know the thing!" - Joe Biden



    Månad sedan

    Use cpvc schedule 80

  94. MegaTime01


    Månad sedan

    Why does this remind me of when diesel

  95. Alex Puls

    Alex Puls

    Månad sedan

    The super tall snorkel reminded me of Doug Dimmadome, owner of the Dimsdale Dimmadome. 😂



    Månad sedan

    Hell yeah looking sick. Can't wait for the test cheers

  97. Michael Shaw

    Michael Shaw

    Månad sedan

    I get the snorkle for intake ...but no other

  98. John Pickens

    John Pickens

    Månad sedan

    Don't you need a line to the fuel tank to prevent sucking water into the fuel??

  99. Aboxinhamster


    Månad sedan

    James: Engineering program here stepped up a whole lot 😂

  100. JMR Rebuilders

    JMR Rebuilders

    Månad sedan

    I wonder if a marine exhaust check valve would have worked instead of that big pipe?? Just a thought. It's gonna be fun!!