Mullet The El Camino FINALLY Has His First Dyno Day!!! 7.0L Twin Turbo LS FREEDOM MODE!!!

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It's so exciting to FINALLY see Mullet make his appearance on some Dyno rollers. Kevin from KSR has done an incredible job putting him together!

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Cleetus McFarland
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United States of AmericaThe first time we've ever been pulled over in either of these cars...
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  1. Cleetus McFarland

    Cleetus McFarland

    Månad sedan

    Y’all know the deal! For your chance to win a 2021 Corvette Stingray while supporting a great cause, go to

    • Chris Harris

      Chris Harris

      29 dagar sedan

      SERIOUSLY. STOP CALLING IT "THE ELCO". THE REAL "ELCO" was made by "Flip" a person who committed suicide due to a mental illness. The car was wrecked about a year ago by it's new owner and it has MEANING for those of us who have the guts to race on real roads. YOU DO NOT OWN "THE ELCO". You might own *A* El Camino but you DO NOT own "THE ELCO". Stop copying the name, stop insulting Flip, the guy who made the original, stop insulting mental illness because Oklahoma City has real ties to THE ONLY "ELCO". Have some bloody respect for a REAL and yes, he killed himself.

    • Jay Jay

      Jay Jay

      Månad sedan

      Kevin is such a nice cool kind person! That's awesome how he will explain things and just seems like a great person to work with and be around! Awesome job on that EL-CO!!

    • mark im

      mark im

      Månad sedan

      Yeah you should raffle off a car just like that, now that would get me to spend some cash..

    • mark im

      mark im

      Månad sedan

      Guess he is not wanting to give away its power numbers, but if he has said it’s good for 2000hp, then everyone in the know already knows what a 427 on twins can make, lol…I just don’t get the hiding how much power you have, as it’s all about the track, and how much you can use and the set up you run, not the make power a car makes..

    • Brucifer


      Månad sedan

      clete, buy ya self a shity cheap freezer and leave the door open. FREE ICE

  2. Redneckgaminng_yt l Backtheblue

    Redneckgaminng_yt l Backtheblue

    8 dagar sedan

    How much was the HP?

  3. Chris Manns

    Chris Manns

    8 dagar sedan

    Helll yes brother that two speed kicking assssss

  4. Des TakeFlight

    Des TakeFlight

    10 dagar sedan


  5. Michael Johns ICYu2

    Michael Johns ICYu2

    12 dagar sedan

    If he keeps messing with that thing maybe it will win a race, or few!



    17 dagar sedan

    Man that thing is an animal and it sounds mean. I love it my favorite

  7. Ri Le

    Ri Le

    22 dagar sedan

    Getting to be to many commercials!

  8. Digital Stealth

    Digital Stealth

    23 dagar sedan

    Hooo man if I get my hands on that Stingray...let's just say the factory performance will look like a grocery getter specs after I'm done with it!

  9. Adler Mayne

    Adler Mayne

    23 dagar sedan

    Day 6.3 asking for the galaxy back!!!!

  10. Nicolas Weatherby

    Nicolas Weatherby

    23 dagar sedan

    It’s Ruby’s husband

  11. Justin Perez

    Justin Perez

    23 dagar sedan

    The curved van delightfully knit because tom-tom separately nail into a scattered dedication. capable, successful chimpanzee

  12. Malte Chr

    Malte Chr

    24 dagar sedan

    Mullet in the back, Turbo Moustache in the front!

  13. Paul Schafer

    Paul Schafer

    26 dagar sedan

    Damn those boys at KSR do amazing work

  14. martin nicholas

    martin nicholas

    27 dagar sedan

    Loveing it .Looks so clean and tidy.The shade of grey nice.

  15. Evil AMC

    Evil AMC

    27 dagar sedan

    Love this man. Get me hyped up to go to the drag strip this weekend for our first Test and tune.

  16. thedataflo


    27 dagar sedan

    lool i acidentaly had the subtitles on and when u push the motor on the dyno it says music XD

  17. gorge washington

    gorge washington

    27 dagar sedan

    at 2:42 really bad rust near water thank if you dont do something its gona be horrible

  18. Broke Donkey Garage

    Broke Donkey Garage

    27 dagar sedan

    Kevin 👍

  19. J Mch

    J Mch

    27 dagar sedan

    I just love this car and the way it lifts and trist is Insane and the horsepower is crazy .....

  20. TC Power Washing

    TC Power Washing

    27 dagar sedan

    Nice build perfect elco 🏁🏁🏁

  21. Jasonlt1982


    27 dagar sedan

    Kevin’s mind is a beautiful thing!

  22. Humberto Soto

    Humberto Soto

    27 dagar sedan

    You literally wrote. "Mullet The The Road"🤣🤣🤣

  23. tkdan


    28 dagar sedan

    Marcellus Wallace @ 4:33

  24. Rick Scott

    Rick Scott

    28 dagar sedan

    That truck is a total BEAST !!! Can't wait to see how it gets down the track. If it doesn't roll over on itself. lol 😎😉👍💯

  25. Gary Laaks

    Gary Laaks

    28 dagar sedan

    Its as if El Co is trying to climb off of the dyno to go play outside.

  26. Ryan


    28 dagar sedan

    This is a crazy idea, but imagine making it interesting and not running the same engine as every other car. How has MCM been doing this for almost 20 years and they haven't hit the wall you did?

  27. Shir-lene Craager

    Shir-lene Craager

    29 dagar sedan

    Paint the grill and headlight surrounds a different colour . The black doesn't go with the car colour .

  28. POPSM0KE


    29 dagar sedan

    I'll bring my 70roadrunner down to you guys in baskets and let yall build a merica screaming mopar

  29. POPSM0KE


    29 dagar sedan

    I'll bring my 70roadrunner down to you guys in baskets and let yall build a merica screaming mopar

  30. Chez Brown

    Chez Brown

    29 dagar sedan

    El Camino is my dream car one day I’ll get there 💯😍

  31. Hesty MK2

    Hesty MK2

    29 dagar sedan

    Not going to recommend a name change, just a spelling change, MULLITT. (Steve McQueen for you heathens)

  32. Mike Hardeman

    Mike Hardeman

    29 dagar sedan

    Mullet+all the boost+all the timing+ hub dyno= FREEDOM💯🤟🏼

  33. david leal

    david leal

    29 dagar sedan

    Those tubs are ridiculous

  34. PAUL K

    PAUL K

    29 dagar sedan

    Awsome 🇺🇸🇦🇺❤️💪

  35. A J Hofer

    A J Hofer

    Månad sedan

    Pull 4 I was like yep that’s a 1000 ....

  36. Steve Anthony

    Steve Anthony

    Månad sedan

    If I was to dreaming about having a shop that had all the equipment I needed and money to buy all the mods and materials I need to make anything I wanted, in a perfect world I would wake up as Cleetus McFarland. That dude gets to wake up every day to the sweetest projects to play and work on them in his own playground of equipment and racetrack. I mean for a gearhead does it get any better than that?

  37. Mister Garrett

    Mister Garrett

    Månad sedan

    Kevin does amazing work, love the attention to detail.

  38. Deuce


    Månad sedan

    How's about leave the anti-roll bar off and 'Greg trappnell' it to the 330foot Just for fun ;)

  39. DylanAaron


    Månad sedan

    If I won the lottery my first order of business would be hiring Kevin to do a full build for me.

  40. Learning Intellectual

    Learning Intellectual

    Månad sedan




    Månad sedan

    Headlights remind me of the Buick

  42. Brett Housman

    Brett Housman

    Månad sedan

    Killer job to Kevin and his crew.

  43. T C

    T C

    Månad sedan

    Is Kevin inspired by the nascar truck. Or all the Ute's you saw in Oz.

  44. Craig Eldridge

    Craig Eldridge

    Månad sedan

    The first time I saw Kevin I completely underestimated him. He wanted to help put the intake on ruby and I didn’t like him at all, that being said I now looovvveeee Kevin and his work.

  45. Elyaas Karbelkar

    Elyaas Karbelkar

    Månad sedan

    What a beaut,Mad Max would be jealous. El Camino's are timeless.Very well done.

  46. mark im

    mark im

    Månad sedan

    Street/strip cars can crush the freeway,and run at least 150mph all day long..the demon doesn’t come with a cage so large it takes up the whole cab.., also they have dip sticks, lol..they also don’t have ice tanks, just to run, and they don’t have exhaust systems without complete exhaust systems..I just dont see how this is street legal..

  47. mark im

    mark im

    Månad sedan

    Just because it can drive down the road doesn’t make it a street car.., street cars can carry at least two ppl, ac is optional ,and they pretty much all have a heater..that’s not a street car…

    • Elyaas Karbelkar

      Elyaas Karbelkar

      29 dagar sedan

      Bro is that all u could come up with,what talent do u hav besides badmouthing huge talent when u see weak man. The build isnt even done yet,what about the extras that make it hetter than street?

    • Brad wagner

      Brad wagner

      Månad sedan

      Your argument is invalid bro. A street car is something that is legal to drive on the road. You literally mentioned optional things 😂😂😂😂 so if I take my heat/ a/c & passenger seat out of my car it’s no longer a street car? Let me answer that for you yes it is. It’s still a street car 😂😂🤯🤯🤯🤦🏼‍♂️ can’t be that dumb

  48. SupermotoJohn


    Månad sedan

    Kim Jong Un just banned mullets in North Korea (not a joke). He must have watched this video beforehand and couldn't handle all the Freedom that was unleashed.

    • Andrew Hull

      Andrew Hull

      27 dagar sedan

      All the freedom

  49. Melissa8472


    Månad sedan

    that sucker looks sweet

  50. TRD185


    Månad sedan

    This car is so intense! Definitely going to be the fastest car you own and I'm thinking first pass

  51. jmt8706


    Månad sedan

    That's a spicy unit! Can't wait for it to rip down the track!

  52. ItzDAW50N


    Månad sedan

    Mullet is insane Bro!!

  53. Daxton Brown

    Daxton Brown

    Månad sedan

    I feel cheated that Cleetus isn't going to toast himself crispy in a jet car. But this is pretty sweet. Nice fab job!



    Månad sedan

    Amazing. I quit.

  55. James Duke

    James Duke

    Månad sedan

    What wheels are those?? I NEED them for my El camino lol

  56. Jelle Hesselink

    Jelle Hesselink

    Månad sedan

    2:45 I was just about to say that looks identical to the hatch on my kayak 🤣

  57. Duncan Beerewout

    Duncan Beerewout

    Månad sedan

    Once its done, put it on the Hub Dyny of ya buddy

  58. Nate Perry

    Nate Perry

    Månad sedan

    Kevin’s a mad man

  59. Troy Huss

    Troy Huss

    Månad sedan

    Dyno Wheelies

  60. Compeer


    Månad sedan

    Bro that rust in the damn pillars is killing me...Sitting here with my left eyeball twitching like "Why was the rust not repaired before any of this"

    • GrifFungin


      28 dagar sedan

      Yeah, it’s a bit of a head scratcher for sure….

  61. Dane Wilson

    Dane Wilson

    Månad sedan

    Does it have a cam?

  62. aLLRimmeDouT


    Månad sedan

    so there's not much of an issue running regulated fuel from the rear, vs running full fuel pressure up to the front and regulating it closest to the rails as possible?

    • big Hurtt

      big Hurtt

      Månad sedan

      There should be no difference, no pressure drop if your fuel pump keeps up.

  63. Mike Klaffke

    Mike Klaffke

    Månad sedan

    Give that man a raise!!

  64. Ryan Pliley

    Ryan Pliley

    Månad sedan

    Kevin... bro...

  65. Nicholas Harris

    Nicholas Harris

    Månad sedan

    So sick great job Kevin

  66. Cam Cooper

    Cam Cooper

    Månad sedan

    Man that thing is mint!!!!

  67. Jay Are

    Jay Are

    Månad sedan

    Gotta love the G-Body shuffle

  68. Dylan Mcconnell

    Dylan Mcconnell

    Månad sedan

    Probly my favorite car u own

  69. mrgimpie


    Månad sedan

    el cahellion gonna hurt feelins

  70. mrgimpie


    Månad sedan

    gotta start the shakdowns on El Cahellion very soon!

  71. Jen Horne

    Jen Horne

    Månad sedan

    That is one sexy ass semi-car!

  72. Frank


    Månad sedan

    I look at that thing all day

  73. Jen Horne

    Jen Horne

    Månad sedan

    Holy BeJesus,Mullet's gonna take out Leroy! YEEHAW let them eagle's FLY!

  74. M Riippa

    M Riippa

    Månad sedan

    looks great..

  75. ronald graham

    ronald graham

    Månad sedan

    Wow keven amazes at every turn! Can't wait to see this next to shownuff. Both are amazing builds, by amazing shops!

  76. glen sparks

    glen sparks

    Månad sedan

    Who are the 269 dislikes?

  77. six pistols

    six pistols

    Månad sedan

    Wait, it ok to go straight from first startup to dyno like that?

  78. Matt Hansen

    Matt Hansen

    Månad sedan

    Dude where did you get that sweet cage

  79. samsymes475


    Månad sedan

    If Kevin can tune bald Eagles like that imagine his female game!

  80. osmosis 01

    osmosis 01

    Månad sedan

    The front end of this here Camino reminds me of the1993 Chevrolet Blazer S10 Tahoe edition with the squared off front-end and headlight design. Personally I think 93 was the last year the S10's and Blazer's had a rugged and unique look. They also possess that X-Factor as well

  81. ragingbullwinkle Rocky

    ragingbullwinkle Rocky

    Månad sedan

    Who was the surly black dude the landlord you woke up a few times with the dyno? I had two brothers I rented to once with a dyno, which did not last two years. LOL

  82. broady howes

    broady howes

    Månad sedan

    I want to see this thing with the hot tune. Super rad car glad so see a g-body on the Chanel 👌🏻

  83. Tristen langner

    Tristen langner

    Månad sedan

    This car is gonna be a monster at the truck

  84. robbie fergman

    robbie fergman

    Månad sedan

    Do a MULLET RACE! El Camino only!!

  85. Solo_EM1


    Månad sedan

    “I have a theory of you bring it with you, you won’t need it...” - a guy that races champ and has been emotionally damaged by champ 😂 I feel you man

  86. Seppo Siimessalmi

    Seppo Siimessalmi

    Månad sedan

    I love you guys what you are doing !

  87. Lauri Tuur

    Lauri Tuur

    Månad sedan

    Silver Mullet!!!

  88. Tom Ahoks

    Tom Ahoks

    Månad sedan

    Wheelie bars are a must.

  89. ralph ups

    ralph ups

    Månad sedan

    your el camino looks like, the old shape vw jetta from germany europe with a stretched body on it.

  90. Brendan Geraghty

    Brendan Geraghty

    Månad sedan

    Can't wait to see him Ryan Dunn this into a guard rail at 200 mp/h! They better have colour film, I wanna see the blood.

  91. Chris Servoss

    Chris Servoss

    Månad sedan

    you can always tell when a person is passionate about what they do in life, and you can definitely tell Kevin was meant to setup race cars. Such a cool guy that seams genuine. A rare breed indeed. Garret/cleetus is super cool too. Would love to hang out or just be a fly on the wall around them one day.

  92. ralph ups

    ralph ups

    Månad sedan

    mr kevin was werering a 2020 cap during the car tour,I think it's about that time that he got a YEE YEE cap made for him & us.👈👺😒👀👀👀👀👉🦉

  93. Brandon Fennell

    Brandon Fennell

    Månad sedan

    Kevin causally says mid to low 7 pass- another level for sure. 😀🙏

  94. Francisco pancho

    Francisco pancho

    Månad sedan

    I remember then cleetus used to build their own cars :(

  95. Nogofox Rage

    Nogofox Rage

    Månad sedan

    Hope its getting a hood

  96. ctbcrf50


    Månad sedan

    Dart iron or dart LSnext aluminum? Badass engine!

  97. Isidro Sevier

    Isidro Sevier

    Månad sedan

    Somebody needs to make Cleetus a parachute with long flowing hair on it, so it looks like a mullet when he pulls the chutes

  98. ZiggyBrx


    Månad sedan

    Seeing how much fun Kevin has building and tuning these cars and how good he does it, that is a quality man enjoying life by helping others.

  99. Dipe


    Månad sedan

    What is that RUST inside the B-pillar

  100. Nicholas Haritonidis

    Nicholas Haritonidis

    Månad sedan

    why wasnt the rust cut out at the back of the rear window inner pillars cut out.. shame on such a sweet ride