Driving Underwater EP.4 - The HUMVEE Goes 12 Feet DEEP!!! (It Almost Worked)

Thanks for watching another attempt at crossing the pond... literally. I'd call this one a 50/50 on the success/failure ratio!
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  1. Cleetus McFarland

    Cleetus McFarland

    Månad sedan

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    • Paul M

      Paul M

      23 dagar sedan


    • Ben Dial

      Ben Dial

      25 dagar sedan


    • James Burgner

      James Burgner

      27 dagar sedan

      I did it the last time and my rep got back to me saying she would if it came back up again, did it again this time as well hopefully she does what she says or she wont be getting my vote next go around

    • Need For Speed

      Need For Speed

      28 dagar sedan


    • z28 kid

      z28 kid

      28 dagar sedan

      come to canada where we got rid of the emissions all together lmao

  2. Dusk13


    3 dagar sedan

    Yo, u dudes r funny. As in BIG BELLY LAUGHS ! Lv how u can't think of one thing that cud go wrong b4 setting off !

  3. Dusk13


    3 dagar sedan

    Wot if I dn't live in the USA?!!

  4. girish shinde

    girish shinde

    6 dagar sedan

    Corcs be like..hey doc..how you doin

  5. djmips


    6 dagar sedan

    Needs paddle wheels?

  6. djmips


    6 dagar sedan

    Cleetus is going a little Jackass which isn't a bad thing.

  7. TimesRoblox


    6 dagar sedan

    9:05 is where they dtive to pond

  8. Justin Tumoszwicz

    Justin Tumoszwicz

    9 dagar sedan

    You should come try our pond next we have a excavator and live okeechobee FLORIDA

  9. J K

    J K

    10 dagar sedan

    What a flex “do we need to measure it? I’ll get the hovercraft.” Lol. Not that he needs to flex, he has one of everything with a motor!

  10. Joseph Frazier

    Joseph Frazier

    11 dagar sedan

    I want RPM Act stickers to put on my vehicles!

  11. Nagesh Sonawane

    Nagesh Sonawane

    12 dagar sedan

    Is cleetus a nick name for clitoris

  12. J&L,ProDucTionS


    12 dagar sedan

    This has to be the most American thing I’ve ever seen

  13. BIGSISS91


    15 dagar sedan

    Whatcha know bout rollin down in the deep!

  14. Gunhaver


    15 dagar sedan

    The EPA can pry my engine mods from my cold dead fingers. i'd love to see them try and stop me from whatever the fuck i want to my engines. maybe i'll convert my car to run on coal with a steam powered engine.

  15. Cody Ash

    Cody Ash

    16 dagar sedan

    Need super swamper mud tires.

  16. dudder86 dudder

    dudder86 dudder

    16 dagar sedan

    Dude I live in California and we have to have c.a.r.b leagle everything and u can't have motor swaps at all like said u want a integra motor in a honda civic well nope u can't

  17. {Çõøpēř_ Ťřøøpęŕ}

    {Çõøpēř_ Ťřøøpęŕ}

    16 dagar sedan

    Its a army truck what u expect 😃😃

  18. Boost nasty

    Boost nasty

    19 dagar sedan

    It won't let me send the forum in says it's not available..

  19. Neal Head

    Neal Head

    19 dagar sedan

    😠 I've said for a few years now that if something's not done to "self-regulate" then the EPA is gonna do it for USSSS. SPECIFICALLY the 🙄🙄🙄 "rolling coal" BULL SCHIT" 😠 and the burn-out contests... Common sense 🙄 and responsibility. NOT A TREE HUGGER They haven't messed with us much until that stuff with diesels. That massive dyno truck-splosion got like 999 .9 billion views. 😳

  20. Kenny Swanson

    Kenny Swanson

    20 dagar sedan

    Lol at the wheels still floating in the pond from the first test drive

  21. John Spurrier

    John Spurrier

    20 dagar sedan

    Should have hooked up a strap before taking the plunge. And, maybe removed your friends from the line of fire should the strap break.



    20 dagar sedan

    Quel clown

  23. John Mansour

    John Mansour

    21 dag sedan

    How do you wash your car? Cleeter: “just give her a bath”

  24. Васильев Дмитрий

    Васильев Дмитрий

    22 dagar sedan


  25. driojal


    22 dagar sedan

    Should have back it up into the pond sine the rear end is lighter.

  26. Jerry Cordova

    Jerry Cordova

    22 dagar sedan

    Using one of those surveying measuring rods to measure the depth?! Lmao!

  27. Jason Hathaway

    Jason Hathaway

    22 dagar sedan

    Done and hit the link to send letter

  28. Reckless Dezire

    Reckless Dezire

    24 dagar sedan

    Signed up! fuck the EPA!

  29. Royce Zeiler

    Royce Zeiler

    24 dagar sedan

    “James, this is a nitrous bottle!” Classic jack stand jimmy

  30. Primus Inter Pares -

    Primus Inter Pares -

    25 dagar sedan


  31. Electronics For Fun

    Electronics For Fun

    25 dagar sedan

    I already sent a letter to my senators. kirsten sinema told me to kick rocks, the fucking bitch. but mark kelly not only said he would support the RPM act, he actually said that it is not right for the EPA to tell us what we can and can't do with our personal property, that's awesome! from what I hear though a lot of senators are ignoring people regarding this issue which sucks.

  32. Todd King

    Todd King

    26 dagar sedan

    You should of had a longer strap/cable and had it hooked to a tow vehicle before you drove into the pond. That is the way they do it at some bog events.

  33. Carl Godwin

    Carl Godwin

    26 dagar sedan

    Check out the tracks on this humvee se-one.info/cycle/j5udbbqsa5uYjZU/video

  34. Kekistani 2020

    Kekistani 2020

    26 dagar sedan

    8:46 what you actually want to see

  35. Andrea


    26 dagar sedan

    Unfortunately I'm not from USA , let's enforce the RPM act !!

  36. Stoke Burner

    Stoke Burner

    26 dagar sedan

    Done! We cant let the auto sports get banned. Its all we got.

  37. Logan xp100

    Logan xp100

    26 dagar sedan

    I’d like to sign the form but I’m not 18 yet

  38. Иван Карницэл

    Иван Карницэл

    27 dagar sedan

    Привет вы маладцы вот бы мне такую ездить на рыбалку в любую пагоду падарите мне такую машыну и я смагу в любую пагоду ездить на рыбалку была бы клёва сэнькю.

  39. Ray Channel

    Ray Channel

    27 dagar sedan

    I sent the message...thanks for letting us know about this. I had no clue.

  40. tommystock64


    27 dagar sedan

    I'm sorry for anybody that believes the illusion of another acting in their best interest as their representative . GOVERN-MENTAL means exactly what it says .

  41. Deksam101


    27 dagar sedan

    Yeah, it sucks when the govt comes after you on every level known to man. This country needs a much smaller govt to be freer... So next election vote republican as they believe in less govt power and more freedom!

  42. Teo Karlsson

    Teo Karlsson

    27 dagar sedan

    what adress can i enter on the form? i live in Sweden but i still wanna sign

  43. Rosy Boiz TV

    Rosy Boiz TV

    27 dagar sedan

    Daaannngg! That slow-mo bay Watch run got me hard!!!! Sexy!

  44. Karl Barbour

    Karl Barbour

    27 dagar sedan

    Theres a huge sand bottom pond by my house in ocala come out here

  45. J Denha

    J Denha

    27 dagar sedan

    Abolish the EPA. They're a bunch of "green energy" activists



    27 dagar sedan

    "let me get the hovercraft" 🤣🤣😁😁🤣🤘

  47. Pierce Enterprise

    Pierce Enterprise

    27 dagar sedan

    Perfect example of why my daily has the 6.5td .. awesome lol

  48. Jey Moonrise

    Jey Moonrise

    27 dagar sedan

    do you have to be 18 to fill out that form?

  49. Pradana Wp

    Pradana Wp

    28 dagar sedan

    Submarine humvee

  50. Brayden vesely

    Brayden vesely

    28 dagar sedan

    I wonder if paddle tires would help keep him moving under water because of the scoop

  51. No Cap

    No Cap

    28 dagar sedan

    Cleetus ur destroying the environment one race at a time

  52. Robert Hood

    Robert Hood

    28 dagar sedan


  53. Parham One'

    Parham One'

    28 dagar sedan

    It is under the Navigable Waters Act under CFR 33. Navigable-waters-in-fact look it up.. you have to Implement-A-Claim. not . The complaint(s) is

  54. T G

    T G

    28 dagar sedan

    If its a new enough model of humvee its a hydraulic quick disconnect to the fan clutch. If older model, just do the mod to put in a quick disconnect for the fan. Make sure to silicone grease your ECU controller harness connector and the throttle sensor cup connectors, just incase you are getting a slight shorting from the water. Other than than the system is allot of fun in water conditions. Go military training.

  55. chabka34


    28 dagar sedan

    It really needs tires those tires are not ment for mud

  56. johnkilo


    28 dagar sedan

    No one is ever going to see this message because it's 5 days after the video is posted, but lets remember the reason the EPA started interpreting the Clean Air Act that way was thanks to the diesel idiots doing "rolling coal." That's how this whole mess got started. Thanks JH.

  57. Dakota Walters

    Dakota Walters

    28 dagar sedan

    Done and sent support our motor sports

  58. John Doe

    John Doe

    28 dagar sedan

    They start driving at 9:00

  59. Pshh


    28 dagar sedan

    Oh that probably has to do with that joke biden And their "green new deal"... We need president trump back...

  60. Charlie McAughey

    Charlie McAughey

    28 dagar sedan

    Put some big ass boggers on that thing

  61. RV'n in North Carolina

    RV'n in North Carolina

    28 dagar sedan

    Filled out and Done!

  62. Tracey Kays

    Tracey Kays

    28 dagar sedan

    Omg y'all know how to have fun. Loved it.

  63. José Kanucee

    José Kanucee

    28 dagar sedan

    For Sale: H1, never been snorkeling.

  64. Vicenzo Mangia

    Vicenzo Mangia

    28 dagar sedan

    Done brother!

  65. Dannon lanphier

    Dannon lanphier

    28 dagar sedan

    You have plenty of yard need to make that pond bigger or make a little course for the jet boats.

  66. The Private Sector

    The Private Sector

    28 dagar sedan

    You kinda look like a male Jeanette mccurdy

  67. Bubba Kline

    Bubba Kline

    28 dagar sedan

    I signed so they don't tread on street cars!!!!!!

  68. Andrew Williams

    Andrew Williams

    28 dagar sedan

    Sent the word out

  69. Big boy Eat drink hoon

    Big boy Eat drink hoon

    28 dagar sedan

    No!!! Wrong tape, you need duct tape not whatever that is, duct tape fixes everything

  70. Preston Jones

    Preston Jones

    29 dagar sedan

    Good luck with sleepy 🙄

  71. The Johnny O Show

    The Johnny O Show

    29 dagar sedan

    what band it that antenna for? and where can I buy one?

  72. Chris Himself

    Chris Himself

    29 dagar sedan

    Thank God JH and Garza were on the scene in case something happened and someone needed their life guarded

  73. alex schinke

    alex schinke

    29 dagar sedan

    Take it to silver lake sand dunes there are deep water holes you can do with sand bottoms

  74. Fg Fc

    Fg Fc

    29 dagar sedan

    What do you mean bro the EPA is there for our safety think about global warming and pollution you're car does all that use you're catalytic

  75. PossumKing


    29 dagar sedan

    OR just get rid of the EPA

  76. Andy Brown

    Andy Brown

    29 dagar sedan

    Take the fan out, it is too much old when under water

  77. David Kelm

    David Kelm

    29 dagar sedan

    That wet Hummer was uh spewin from it's pipe 😅

  78. ScareCrow932


    29 dagar sedan


  79. Kevin l Lewis

    Kevin l Lewis

    29 dagar sedan

    Cleet you set the bar again sir ...

  80. Kevin l Lewis

    Kevin l Lewis

    29 dagar sedan

    Cleet for president

  81. Know Bull5hit

    Know Bull5hit

    29 dagar sedan

    These videos are the best series yall have put out hands down lmao

  82. dtv dreco

    dtv dreco

    29 dagar sedan

    Need more snorkels

  83. Nismo X

    Nismo X

    29 dagar sedan

    U also maybe able put heavy dirt in lake for stability

  84. Nismo X

    Nismo X

    29 dagar sedan

    Diesel brothers makes tracks

  85. Nismo X

    Nismo X

    29 dagar sedan


  86. Nismo X

    Nismo X

    29 dagar sedan

    And why is he going in with his hat on

  87. Nismo X

    Nismo X

    29 dagar sedan

    U know you are cool when use your hoovercraft to measure depth

  88. Nismo X

    Nismo X

    29 dagar sedan

    This is not a test this is real

  89. Nismo X

    Nismo X

    29 dagar sedan

    Ever body needs to do this ASAP

  90. donald mittan

    donald mittan

    29 dagar sedan

    Last time I tried to help with the Clean Air Act thing for you ..somehow installed a virus on my computer( I did try) and definitely not trying again...would've loved to help . ( but I'm a scared.) Lol

  91. Hiei2k7


    29 dagar sedan

    It's because of coal rollers that the EPA now has to take notice of people modifying street engines to produce extra exhaust for no discernible reason. You need to speak out AGAINST coal rolling because continuing to puff in people's faces is going to result in regulation coming for you.

    • Jordan Long

      Jordan Long

      28 dagar sedan

      Rolling coal is actually one of the dumbest things.

  92. miles metheny

    miles metheny

    29 dagar sedan

    Drive it in backwards

  93. motoxbrendan


    29 dagar sedan

    I voted

  94. motoxbrendan


    29 dagar sedan


  95. Jeffrey Ziola

    Jeffrey Ziola

    29 dagar sedan

    Put Dooley tires all the way around

  96. evan emerson

    evan emerson

    29 dagar sedan

    Love you Cleetus, you've been an inspiration to me for years now and I will always support you and your endeavors. Literally paused the video to fill out the form the minute you said it. SAVE OUR RACECARS!!!

  97. Chippys ATV

    Chippys ATV

    29 dagar sedan

    Such a government monopoly to control anything and everything, up here in canada some provinces are horribly bad, some are a free for all, and as a country we get mutilated in fuel taxes plus trying for stricter automotive rules

  98. Noah Tisdale

    Noah Tisdale

    29 dagar sedan

    Do we need to do it again if we did a couple months ago?

  99. Gabriel Grover

    Gabriel Grover

    29 dagar sedan

    new t shirts “save our race cars”

  100. Mitchell Whitcomb

    Mitchell Whitcomb

    29 dagar sedan

    make a giant tower with a turbo and nitrous at the top