Mullet Is Officially Complete... Hood On, Carbon Bed, Trailer Hooked, Ready For Midwest DRAG WEEK!!

THREE YEARS LATER... Mullet shows up to his first racing looking good! Cannot wait to have some fun in this thing all week long!
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  1. Cleetus McFarland

    Cleetus McFarland

    22 dagar sedan

    Man tomorrow has me nervous, excited, scared, and fired up hahaha. Just gonna take the channel to a whole new level! Be ready!!!!

    • Aaron Marsh

      Aaron Marsh

      22 dagar sedan

      @CarGuyTim noon EST

    • steven mccloughan

      steven mccloughan

      22 dagar sedan

      Drag jet boat hovercraft?

    • Preston Ramirez

      Preston Ramirez

      22 dagar sedan

      I think Madi is pregnant.just a guess

    • steven mccloughan

      steven mccloughan

      22 dagar sedan

      Wait is the big thing tomorrow another leroy??

    • Adam C

      Adam C

      22 dagar sedan

      @Minivan Why 33 with zero wife or kids. Almost every one of my race friends have kids and are married. The differences are crazy. Their kids are like my family but I get to leave at the end of the day lmao. And have money for race cars, parts, dirtbikes and no one to tell me when to come inside. But if you find the right one it's well worth it. 5 kids is alot tho lol.

  2. 74Beeper


    2 dagar sedan

    That little trailer would be a feather if it was aluminum.

  3. go4damo


    13 dagar sedan

    What track?

  4. ThePeopleVerse


    15 dagar sedan

    You know you are in trouble if you open either the gorrila tape or that fire extinguisher......

  5. ThePeopleVerse


    15 dagar sedan

    Most important thing in that hotrod for on the road....Kevins seat cushion. LOL

  6. Darren P.

    Darren P.

    15 dagar sedan

    How much was the front bumper if you don’t mind me asking? I have a 1980 El-Camino and I wish mine was as nice and as fast as yours

  7. The Living Miracle

    The Living Miracle

    16 dagar sedan

    It's crazy that I live in between CLE and TOL and you were here

  8. The Living Miracle

    The Living Miracle

    16 dagar sedan

    I anagramed Clevelands Airport to CHIA

  9. Tha Last Gentleman

    Tha Last Gentleman

    17 dagar sedan

    Put your phone away whilst driving ffs!

  10. MealsOnWheels


    17 dagar sedan

    say it say it say it say it 2:53 - *"holey Toledo"* yessssssssss

  11. SIUDubFiend


    17 dagar sedan

    Everywhere has nice grass compared to Florida! Especially the mid west.

  12. Mark Rice

    Mark Rice

    18 dagar sedan

    Cleetus and cars ohio please!!!!!!!

  13. Mark Rice

    Mark Rice

    18 dagar sedan

    Cleetus and cars ohio please!!!!!!!

  14. RisingSunKustoms


    18 dagar sedan

    Let them bald eagles fly baby!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  15. Dakota Hahn

    Dakota Hahn

    18 dagar sedan

    I'm so upset that I missed this 😭 Im just down the road from summit

  16. Robert DeLong

    Robert DeLong

    18 dagar sedan

    Driving through Indiana I seen three of these Drag Cars rolling down the highway in a downpour, towing trailers.

  17. auto brother nation

    auto brother nation

    18 dagar sedan

    3:36 Pontiac firebird ws6😘😘😘😘😍😍😍💕✌️🤘🤘

  18. David Robinson

    David Robinson

    18 dagar sedan

    12:31 you guys are getting way better at planning for mechanical failure. This is not the Cleetus I followed for shits & giggles, this is next level Cleetus.

  19. Mohammad Zainuddin

    Mohammad Zainuddin

    18 dagar sedan

    The glib ex-husband intraoperatively beg because statement chronologically tie failing a honorable glue. wooden, yummy hardware

  20. Trevor Bedwell

    Trevor Bedwell

    18 dagar sedan

    No onions on tomatoes?!

  21. Brett Albanese

    Brett Albanese

    18 dagar sedan

    So more info on those spring wedges where does one find them. 🤣

  22. hosh arts

    hosh arts

    19 dagar sedan

    I love this but I miss Leroy and Ruby 😔😂 if you need a driver hmu. 🤙🦅

  23. hosh arts

    hosh arts

    19 dagar sedan

    Idk why I was expecting the el co to drop off the trailer like the Humvee 😂

  24. hosh arts

    hosh arts

    19 dagar sedan

    I fkn love you guys man! I’ve only ever idolized one other man in life. I can’t idol because of my original aspirations but damn. This lifestyle is for me.

  25. MechnTech Beau

    MechnTech Beau

    19 dagar sedan


  26. Fopeano


    19 dagar sedan

    14:41 I have the same shirt!

  27. Josh Podolsky

    Josh Podolsky

    19 dagar sedan

    No onions and tomatos on the burgers? I can forgive you for the tomatos, but no onions? Crazy.

  28. Gavin.D


    19 dagar sedan

    Kevin is a cool dude lol

  29. Dave R 80904

    Dave R 80904

    19 dagar sedan

    I’ll take the onions and tomatoes

  30. Tracy Roegner

    Tracy Roegner

    19 dagar sedan

    “Got some nice grass here”

  31. Josh Wynn

    Josh Wynn

    19 dagar sedan

    Love the intro, thank you to all who serve this country! Thanks Cleetus for all the cool content!

  32. Scott Southern

    Scott Southern

    19 dagar sedan

    kev you want to take front bumper off. Kevin dying inside real quick haha

  33. Sawyer March

    Sawyer March

    19 dagar sedan

    The “HOLY TOLEDO” killed me, the simplicity of the joke was amazing

  34. ezdfiant


    19 dagar sedan

    Re (motion R/W sticker) "how much did they pay for it" "Nothing" "Nothing?" "Just representing" YES YOU ARE, SELF PLUGGING IN SECRET WITH STYLE 👍👌👍 all the best bud your living the dream and you've worked hard to get there I can't wait to see some of your future escapades... 🔥💯

  35. Daniel Kirk

    Daniel Kirk

    20 dagar sedan

    I'm still running a 1991 sbc

  36. Daryl P

    Daryl P

    20 dagar sedan

    Can't believe you keep Jack in the trailer

  37. Means Business

    Means Business

    20 dagar sedan

    Cleetus famous words "they got some good looking grass here" You always appreciate your sod lol

  38. Mr. MopedMadness

    Mr. MopedMadness

    20 dagar sedan

    Unfortunately it wouldnt be legal to actually tow a tuber, the boat has to have a seat for the tuber if there was a problem 😓😩

    • Mr. MopedMadness

      Mr. MopedMadness

      20 dagar sedan

      Unless it was a private spot then nobody could say anything about it 😁

  39. logan martin

    logan martin

    20 dagar sedan

    Hey Ole cleet, could I possibly help paint the bleachers? I could use the work and time to get footage for my channel. I love everything you stand for. And would love to be a part of it.

  40. MusicV8090Now


    20 dagar sedan

    ur a big RainX guy :D

  41. John Rocha

    John Rocha

    20 dagar sedan

    3:34 that MC is sweet. I always have my fingers crossed to see you guys in true to form "Do it for Dale" fashion with a 83-88 Monte SS



    20 dagar sedan

    poke the bubbles with a needle



    20 dagar sedan

    Sweet thanks where do i get those decals for my man cave garage

  44. Michael Johnston

    Michael Johnston

    20 dagar sedan

    Good idea on the seat cushion

  45. Brad Ryan

    Brad Ryan

    20 dagar sedan

    I like that he adds in the easter egg on his head. 🤣🤣

  46. Cameron Horton 506

    Cameron Horton 506

    20 dagar sedan

    I just realized I’m watching this in my Cletus MacFarlane Rubys in the sevens shirt

  47. Savrosss


    20 dagar sedan

    Ur In Norwalk my home town

  48. Coldhill Garage

    Coldhill Garage

    20 dagar sedan

    Kevin can work on my car any day👌

  49. Taylor Redmond

    Taylor Redmond

    20 dagar sedan

    0:47 that duramax living the V-8 life 😂

  50. Akash Kumar

    Akash Kumar

    20 dagar sedan

    Man, I have the same shirt that Christian does

  51. BANDIT Grizzy

    BANDIT Grizzy

    20 dagar sedan

    😄😄😄Ol Cleat and GRASS ... there you can drive on it💪🙂👍

  52. Robb Wiersma

    Robb Wiersma

    20 dagar sedan

    Now we know that Cleet PAID for that Motion sticker.

  53. Ace TheMC

    Ace TheMC

    20 dagar sedan

    Please, make a grand touring 68 camaro. Please.

  54. hxrle.y_


    20 dagar sedan

    One of my cousins friends is growing a mullet and hes been calling it the kentucky waterfall

  55. ATG why

    ATG why

    20 dagar sedan

    Give em he'll🏎️🏁💯🏎️🏁🎥

  56. L'BOARD


    20 dagar sedan

    Can u even see through the hood?

  57. Mike Lliteras

    Mike Lliteras

    20 dagar sedan

    You know you’ve made it when you can fly in and your gear is there waiting.

  58. Ken Howell

    Ken Howell

    20 dagar sedan

    427 LSX sound is undeniable.

  59. Gunnar Get some

    Gunnar Get some

    20 dagar sedan

    That stick shift Cummins is the shit dude!!!!

  60. Luis Torres

    Luis Torres

    20 dagar sedan

    2:55 hoy toledo XD

  61. james robinson

    james robinson

    20 dagar sedan

    That is one good looking mullet! !!! I can't believe I just said that!

  62. BubbaOG93


    20 dagar sedan


  63. Hot Rod Dave

    Hot Rod Dave

    20 dagar sedan

    Awesome little Jet boat Man. You guys have fun I will be watching

  64. GaryLordsWayMinistry


    20 dagar sedan

    Should have cupped the hood for more air flow into the turbos and put ram air ducts over the top of the turbos to catch more air as well.

  65. No Less

    No Less

    20 dagar sedan


  66. dylan fournet

    dylan fournet

    20 dagar sedan

    @5:30 EAR CANDY

  67. Chad Franzen

    Chad Franzen

    20 dagar sedan

    Vinyl tip: spray liberal amounts of Windex where ur planning on placing the vinyl, then position the vinyl, and just squeegee over the vinyl (while holding it in place) to push out out the excess Windex. Done.

  68. tyler yuhas

    tyler yuhas

    20 dagar sedan

    Crazy seeing you in my neck of the woods Cleveland to Norwalk, hell yeah brother !

  69. Shawn Dickens

    Shawn Dickens

    20 dagar sedan

    Thought the Tub-o-towels was awesome at first. Cleaned hands well and didn't leave them real slimy. Then started having issues with them drying out and even purchased new ones already dry. Then I found Gojo towels and know the tubs actually suck. Gojo cleans way better, leaves hands not slim at all, container is 100 times better and have had them in my truck for year in Florida and still good to go. Twice the cost and they are worth way more.

  70. Jacob Eilerman

    Jacob Eilerman

    20 dagar sedan

    KEVIN GINXED IT. Been watching the weather all week hoping the chance would die off today so I could go to Edgewater. Looks like Indy or Norwalk it is 🙄

  71. Ramy Fal

    Ramy Fal

    20 dagar sedan

    Wind tunnel test it 🙏



    20 dagar sedan

    Hell yeah brother looks bloody awesome hell yeah

  73. YungHaru


    20 dagar sedan

    O'Reilly employee saying thanks again! love seeing the company I work for in your videos! lol

  74. John Hill

    John Hill

    20 dagar sedan

    Came back to watch again... "Do you think the Motion stickers a little too big...?" 👌😎

  75. George Dunkley

    George Dunkley

    20 dagar sedan

    Carbon fibre door cards!

  76. dirtdude


    20 dagar sedan

    If you've got multi wheelbarrow loads of cash it's easy, crazy easy. I would pay my entire race budget for 1 year to watch you walk a mile in my shoes. Yes, i think i would give up racing for a year to see how you cope.

  77. N.S.A.


    20 dagar sedan

    We do a ton of street racing up here in Ohio💯.

  78. Matty Blanchard

    Matty Blanchard

    20 dagar sedan

    In the spirit of ELCO' we know Kamikaze drives an Elco rocket the 'SLUT'which fly's.... On sure Flip is flipping seeing the NEW UNIT...EXCELLENT JOB KEV.... GARRET....'CLEAT' LET'S GO FOR 7.0....#ONEBADASSRIDE

  79. Green Tungsten

    Green Tungsten

    20 dagar sedan

    Bad ass car & trailer, extra shot parts I like your style

  80. ChristianX Z owner

    ChristianX Z owner

    20 dagar sedan

    GodSpeed guys....hell of a nice Caminos there💪♥️✌️

  81. Rick Scott

    Rick Scott

    20 dagar sedan

    The Elco looks beautiful. What a unit, per Ton Bailey. lol 😎👍💯

  82. Poz


    21 dag sedan

    You should build a car for wheelies as your next side project

  83. Johnnie Kubala

    Johnnie Kubala

    21 dag sedan

    How can you not get a baconator at Wendy’s that’s freedom in a bag

  84. Infected Freedom

    Infected Freedom

    21 dag sedan

    Dam turned out so clean love it. Glad it was not a jet car now

  85. Conn0isseur Dana

    Conn0isseur Dana

    21 dag sedan

    If people are just finding Ol'cleeter McSkeeter they might be thinking hes a big BIG Grass guy but not for lawn grass. A little stickier and ickier type! Lol



    21 dag sedan

    love the car

  87. Gage Neisius

    Gage Neisius

    21 dag sedan

    The happiness on his face when he said he had cup holders in the elco was like a kid on chirstmas

  88. Mash Rien

    Mash Rien

    21 dag sedan

    Cleetus giving up the NHRA Drag Racing scene and joining NASCAR, watch.

  89. Zach Schmidt

    Zach Schmidt

    21 dag sedan

    Let ol kev o have a rip at drag week

  90. Drunk3nMas7er


    21 dag sedan

    Out of interest - not that it would be useful without custom ratios, with that external overdrive in combination with a T400 is it possible to configure the ECU to make the gearbox work as a 6 speed auto?

  91. Jeremy Murphy

    Jeremy Murphy

    21 dag sedan

    What a sweet elco!

  92. DrunkPisces


    21 dag sedan

    I didn't see any coolant in the trailer.

  93. cathy gambill

    cathy gambill

    21 dag sedan

    For those that gave ALL for the banking cartels

  94. L M

    L M

    21 dag sedan

    "race cars far as you can see" "I see street cars." "Oh yeah. Street cars, that's right." Regardless of class, I don't think 6/7/8 second cars aren't referred to as "street cars"

  95. Aiden Rich

    Aiden Rich

    21 dag sedan


  96. Żæñę


    21 dag sedan

    Well i can’t believe cleetus mcfarland was at my work.. i live right next to the raceway so it’s pretty sweet

  97. hobman


    21 dag sedan

    All that money spent on the engineering....and such a shit paint job. Instead of "Mullet" should be called "Orange a Peel"

  98. Quincy M

    Quincy M

    21 dag sedan

    Well at least you didn't have to get a big card board sheet for the roof

  99. mike broughton

    mike broughton

    21 dag sedan

    Safe travels team

  100. Rocky Walker

    Rocky Walker

    21 dag sedan

    Don’t call em thingys Cleet. You’re better than that