This Is The Safest Thing I've Ever Owned (Jet Powered)

Mom if you're watching this, I swear we'll get more safety equipment for it...
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  1. Samstr TVP

    Samstr TVP

    Dag sedan

    I just love how the jet engine is right behind his head, wounder what would happen if he hits something ant the jet engine losens up

  2. djmips


    5 dagar sedan

    Get Garza a nomex suit and an onboard fire extinguisher. C'mon!

  3. djmips


    5 dagar sedan

    Garza getting scumbagged. We need someone small!

  4. Michael Conatser

    Michael Conatser

    6 dagar sedan

    This video sucked he didn’t actually drive it any

  5. Steven Mays

    Steven Mays

    9 dagar sedan

    Death trap

  6. 2fast4you2


    11 dagar sedan

    HAAAAA HA HA HA the look on his face, EPIC, make this thing street legal please 🤪🤪🤪😅😅😅👌👌👌👌

  7. Syncopia


    13 dagar sedan

    This is the most Cleetus thing I've ever seen.

  8. Jake Combs

    Jake Combs

    14 dagar sedan

    danger zone needs to be played over these videos with this thing

  9. 0utlaw#0001


    14 dagar sedan

    out of curiosity, if that thing lets go of it's frame, will it go through his head or just spin out of control?

  10. morphman21


    14 dagar sedan

    Are there any videos of this kart BEFORE garrett bought it?

  11. Derick Cod

    Derick Cod

    15 dagar sedan

    That thing had choke on the whole time he was riding it

  12. Luis E. Sanabria

    Luis E. Sanabria

    15 dagar sedan


  13. TheAngry Bot

    TheAngry Bot

    16 dagar sedan

    No headphone Warning



    18 dagar sedan

    super cool dude

  15. Agent 111

    Agent 111

    18 dagar sedan

    Oh yea, safety ninth

  16. Agent 111

    Agent 111

    18 dagar sedan

    Aimed right at the back of the head in a way lol

  17. ThePeopleVerse


    19 dagar sedan

    I didn't even realize it right away, but when that jet engine started up ... I was smiling from ear to ear. :)

  18. Megaskull Sentinel

    Megaskull Sentinel

    20 dagar sedan

    You're going to burn your face off kid lol 😆

  19. Randy Reneau

    Randy Reneau

    20 dagar sedan


  20. Nicholas YouKnowThat

    Nicholas YouKnowThat

    20 dagar sedan

    I know the guy that made this. He is from Wisconsin. You got to buy his snow machine, or his smoke machine. He is a brilliant man!

  21. BoloradoAnthony


    21 dag sedan

    Every dog in a 5 mile radius hates you😂

  22. BoloradoAnthony


    21 dag sedan

    Itd be a rough day if the rocket somehow detaches😂

  23. Monster Factory

    Monster Factory

    21 dag sedan

    Wat kind of lipo u using bc my channel is all about rcs we can help get more power longer. But in crease size of controller n u should b all set

  24. Andrew Snodgrass

    Andrew Snodgrass

    22 dagar sedan

    I need one inn my life because you could get away in a police chase so fast and you could go to space

  25. tubeyourself


    22 dagar sedan

    So which superbike engine are you putting in the jet kart?

  26. Mattattack415


    22 dagar sedan

    *scraps el Camino jet engine project, instead buys jet engine go kart*

  27. Chris, Chief Cope

    Chris, Chief Cope

    23 dagar sedan

    The internet says jet cars killed your Ex.

  28. Eric Butler

    Eric Butler

    23 dagar sedan

    I vote a mini monster truck for Garza !!!!!

  29. Robert Beatty

    Robert Beatty

    23 dagar sedan

    To all the people who watched with head phones. RIP

  30. Brandon Lins

    Brandon Lins

    23 dagar sedan

    If you don't take this thing on raceweek your not really bout that content

  31. Skargun


    23 dagar sedan

    Dude I couldnt be happier for you Cleet, Its so good to see you enjoying your friends, your family, The floofs, And Maddie. You are a very blessed man, Thanks for sharing so much of your life with all of us. It's so fun to be a small part of it brother.

  32. Kerry Dorsey

    Kerry Dorsey

    23 dagar sedan

    O. M. G! Garza needs a halo on that thing. Even Johnny Knoxville would wet himself!

  33. Ken Smith

    Ken Smith

    24 dagar sedan

    That go-cart needs a large bobble head helmet for the laugh effect.

  34. Rebar77


    24 dagar sedan

    Notice the afterburner fires exactly at 4:20? Nice.

  35. Russel Layton

    Russel Layton

    24 dagar sedan

    From behind it is almost believable that the truck is his body. If he does drive that at C&C we need a shirt of it.

  36. David Windsor

    David Windsor

    24 dagar sedan

    OMG closet thing to a jet car. A Barbie jet car. Cool. 😜😆👍

  37. Gerry Rogue

    Gerry Rogue

    25 dagar sedan

    The only thing i hate about this channel is the commercials to freakin many

  38. Gerry Rogue

    Gerry Rogue

    25 dagar sedan

    Nope its not cooler the jet powered gocart is

  39. jayson maxwell

    jayson maxwell

    26 dagar sedan

    It has a parachute

  40. J W

    J W

    26 dagar sedan

    Most American thing I have ever seen loud and useless trucks that people hull nothing in.

  41. Sam Leen

    Sam Leen

    26 dagar sedan

    Dang it I’ve had tinnitus for a week after watching this. It won’t go away.

  42. Mike Norris

    Mike Norris

    26 dagar sedan

    Ha epic

  43. Jaiden Freeman

    Jaiden Freeman

    26 dagar sedan

    Jet powered and safest thing don't go in the same sentence

  44. Your normal dude and the funny border collie Kyle

    Your normal dude and the funny border collie Kyle

    26 dagar sedan

    6:50 Is that a chute?

  45. Your normal dude and the funny border collie Kyle

    Your normal dude and the funny border collie Kyle

    26 dagar sedan

    Oh and NOS

  46. Your normal dude and the funny border collie Kyle

    Your normal dude and the funny border collie Kyle

    26 dagar sedan

    Put big tires in the back and also a chute to make it a mini drag truck lol.

  47. Colton Malaikal

    Colton Malaikal

    26 dagar sedan

    Awesome video! This was an absolute machine!

  48. john walker

    john walker

    26 dagar sedan

    Totally safe!

  49. William Mayes lll

    William Mayes lll

    26 dagar sedan

    Sick unit



    26 dagar sedan

    When you're German and somebody crazy named @jpperformance build a jet go kart himself 😂

  51. Kings Tv

    Kings Tv

    27 dagar sedan

  52. Steven James

    Steven James

    27 dagar sedan

    I feel like this video definitely ended right before that jet exploded. It ended very abruptly while that jet was turning some very interesting colors.

  53. Daniel Murphy

    Daniel Murphy

    27 dagar sedan

    This jet go-cart sequence was the funniest thing I have seen in years. Your driver looked like a lego man in that thing. I could not stop laughing. It appears most on-site felt the same way. Can not wait to see this in action.

  54. Juan-Pierre Le Roux

    Juan-Pierre Le Roux

    27 dagar sedan

    **After-TacoBell-Burner sound intensifies**

  55. Shane Gozy

    Shane Gozy

    27 dagar sedan

    No wonder they gave up with the Jet in the Elco, Cleet knew this was on the back burner lol.

  56. Peter Scandlyn

    Peter Scandlyn

    28 dagar sedan

    Here's one for you to think about.....You must have a few tired turbskies laying around the shop. What about converting one of them to a jet engine? Has been done...

  57. Advanced Digital Solutions Gunn

    Advanced Digital Solutions Gunn

    28 dagar sedan

    Cleet bought the Maytags from the final RUSH tour?! 🤑🚀

  58. F C M P C

    F C M P C

    28 dagar sedan

    Throw things in front of the jet like jackass, will make 👌 content

  59. KingofBS


    28 dagar sedan

    Garza to the moon!!!!

  60. Michael Nunley

    Michael Nunley

    28 dagar sedan

    This is what happens when men are left alone to long and have time and money, WE GET BOARD. Very cool toy any wife would hate.

  61. Sir LurksaLot

    Sir LurksaLot

    28 dagar sedan

    What could go wrong?

  62. KelseyDunnigan drang

    KelseyDunnigan drang

    28 dagar sedan

    You should put a thing to block the jet from hitting Garza's head in the event of failure



    28 dagar sedan

    So many bald eagles I swear I just seen one fly past here in New Zealand 🤣

  64. Dudeman Gaming

    Dudeman Gaming

    28 dagar sedan

    this is the most american channel I've ever watched

  65. DrPipedream


    28 dagar sedan

    If you put a jet on a hovercraft can you officially/technically call yourself a "jet pilot"?

  66. finleypatmalcolm


    28 dagar sedan

    The laugh of fear cracked me up.. hahahaaa

  67. Joshua Inboden

    Joshua Inboden

    28 dagar sedan

    Certainly going to need a fire suit, roll bar and more stickers for HP.

  68. CVSiN


    28 dagar sedan

    Well that was anticlimactic...

  69. Donald Ford

    Donald Ford

    28 dagar sedan

    I would even have to convince my wife she would jump in it first😂😂😂😂

  70. Brian Coons

    Brian Coons

    28 dagar sedan

    The Collin Furze // Cletus collaboration is the colab I didn't know I needed

  71. Captain Zoll

    Captain Zoll

    28 dagar sedan

    could this be the new freedom factory pace car?

  72. PistonAvatarGuy


    29 dagar sedan

    This guy has to be the luckiest guy ever to walk the Earth.

  73. Steve's Shed

    Steve's Shed

    29 dagar sedan

    Looking more like a Freak Show lately than a serious quest for racing for record ETs.

  74. Christopher thumm

    Christopher thumm

    29 dagar sedan

    I think that pocket rocket messed up Mcfartlands make-up

  75. steve1371498


    29 dagar sedan

    What a rip off… from the thumbnail, I thought it was a cannon on a go cart…

  76. Jon Lawrence

    Jon Lawrence

    29 dagar sedan

    Garza’s gonzo go kart

  77. Jon Lawrence

    Jon Lawrence

    29 dagar sedan

    5:05 “get low get low get low dum dum da dum”

  78. Chad Geary

    Chad Geary

    29 dagar sedan

    I love how down for shit garza is. Straight up some "still gonna send it" energy

  79. Neil Reid

    Neil Reid

    29 dagar sedan

    What could POSSIBLY go wrong? : ) Can you imagine Cleet running the full bore jet engine in the Camino? That would not have ended well. This is a truly epic episode. Many, many bald eagles on this one.

  80. David Kelm

    David Kelm

    29 dagar sedan


  81. Ryan Reynolds

    Ryan Reynolds

    29 dagar sedan

    Dude I would drive that in a heartbeat lol so freakin awesome

  82. Burt Mcgurt

    Burt Mcgurt

    29 dagar sedan

    !great content...ever try driving it??



    29 dagar sedan

    Awesome! There’s soooooo much stuff you can do with that mini jet engine.. limitless content lol

  84. Trip Fallerton

    Trip Fallerton

    29 dagar sedan

    Death to headphone users

  85. Chris Topher

    Chris Topher

    29 dagar sedan

    Garza is awesome. You get the best group of friends man!!! Keep up the content as always!! Been following since the friggen beginning 💪💪

  86. graham laursen

    graham laursen

    29 dagar sedan

    What the fuck?😂🤌🏼 not content

  87. anthony bingham

    anthony bingham

    29 dagar sedan

    That thing is legit

  88. bl raider97

    bl raider97

    29 dagar sedan

    Cooper absolutely has to be the one to rip this thing!

  89. TacticalMainframe


    29 dagar sedan

    Asking for brakes, ha ha, how about concerns for a fire suit.

  90. Cameron


    29 dagar sedan

    And I thought tiny trucks coudnt get any tinier and cooler

  91. Andrew Collins

    Andrew Collins

    29 dagar sedan

    Forget the jet thruster, I want a gas powered FF go kart truck...

  92. Joey Ries

    Joey Ries

    29 dagar sedan

    Merica' 🇺🇲🤘💪

  93. Scott Allison

    Scott Allison

    29 dagar sedan

    This had me smiling from beginning to end. 😂

  94. Digital Wolf RC

    Digital Wolf RC

    29 dagar sedan

    nice turbine! That turbine is just the same as all the turbines they use in the RC plane world! i am gonna fly jets this year! (Ours wont have a afterburner tho!)

  95. Zak Hendry

    Zak Hendry

    29 dagar sedan

    Judge Reinhold lookalike?



    29 dagar sedan

    I WANT 1

  97. Dalton Jones

    Dalton Jones

    29 dagar sedan

    What's the over under on the cheese body being faster around the factory?

  98. Slippin Jimmy2

    Slippin Jimmy2

    29 dagar sedan

    This screams Florida man things. 🤘🏻🇺🇸

  99. F_For_Freedom


    29 dagar sedan

    I guess being short-ish isn't that bad after all....

  100. JLCwakeboardingFL


    29 dagar sedan

    Dude if u need a stunt dummie to test out sketchy stuff I'm your guy. I'm in central FL could be there in a couple hours haha