UNREAL... Mullet The El Camino is STUPID FAST!!! (and sounds so good)

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Mullet's first time down the track... let's see if he can put some of those bald eagles to use!!!

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  1. Cleetus McFarland

    Cleetus McFarland

    27 dagar sedan

    Guys I have tragic news, someone broke into Kevin’s shop last night and stole the hood for Mullet. Suspect was described as 6’6” had a mullet and yelled “hoods are for p***ies” when he ran out the door... please let us know if you see this man.

    • Brett S.

      Brett S.

      26 dagar sedan

      Check the mirror? 👍

    • Sushiii


      26 dagar sedan

      My god that is one Sexy El Camino!!!!

    • chris cole

      chris cole

      26 dagar sedan

      Seen him talking at the track about big jobs

    • Sal Savillo

      Sal Savillo

      26 dagar sedan

      Ahh are you really not going to put a hood on Mullet

    • Jæ Š

      Jæ Š

      26 dagar sedan

      Use the hood as an all terrain ski behind the hovercraft.

  2. Ashley Hollopeter

    Ashley Hollopeter

    2 timmar sedan

    Ashley 😜😍😍😍😍😜😜

  3. Troy DeRoin jr

    Troy DeRoin jr

    5 dagar sedan

    The bromance at the end is epic nothing like a awesome new race car to bring two friends even closer

  4. Joey Campos

    Joey Campos

    7 dagar sedan

    When are you coming to Denver I would love to see this beast! I have one just like it without the bells and whistles though haha

  5. Alvin High

    Alvin High

    10 dagar sedan

    Awesome ride height. Going to be a monster!!

  6. Glenn Kotas

    Glenn Kotas

    11 dagar sedan

    nicely done !

  7. Max Dangerfield

    Max Dangerfield

    13 dagar sedan

    Nice work Cleetus

  8. Derrik Dickerson

    Derrik Dickerson

    14 dagar sedan

    thought something blew up in the beginning of the video lol

  9. Steve Os world

    Steve Os world

    14 dagar sedan

    What dash did you order brother? Whole car looks great!!!

  10. Neil Kelly

    Neil Kelly

    16 dagar sedan

    Watching this knowing there's no fluid in the overdrive hurts

  11. John Montoya

    John Montoya

    16 dagar sedan

    Is that Toyota cement gray?

  12. David Kilgus

    David Kilgus

    17 dagar sedan

    Hey guys, ah my 1st time watching and to put it mildly... YOU GUYS ROCK!!! Class act all the way! so impressed! Everything about your team, the car! Wow.. I don’t think I should call that BEE-U-Tee-Full ride of yours a mere car... NO, She’s a beautiful BEAST! I’m subscribed, & can not wait to checkout your competitors jaws collectively drop after a thorough chewing up, & spitting out at the track. Great job!

  13. Jocelyn Brisebois

    Jocelyn Brisebois

    17 dagar sedan

    Cleetuuuuuuus what have you done naughty boy!

  14. BestTex


    17 dagar sedan

    Homegirls voice annoying as hell 😂

  15. Jocelyn Brisebois

    Jocelyn Brisebois

    17 dagar sedan

    Hi guys how are you all wishing you the best would it be good to have this car in the wind tunnel to see if with the hood it would be better i like the look of the two without the hood it looks like a beast but with the hood it looks like a luxury car with a beast heart. so if it would be better with the hood you could install it only for the start line and remove it the rest of the time at the race site, but if you drive this car in town, with the hood on and drive normally, this would be the most luxurious EL Camino ever made. Hell ya Brothers

  16. BigMike012


    17 dagar sedan

    Kevin is just so nice and such a peaceful and polite person, it feels like i would have him build stuff for me lol dude is just so cool

  17. Rodney Walters

    Rodney Walters

    18 dagar sedan


  18. Ashley Evans

    Ashley Evans

    18 dagar sedan

    We can all wish for a woman like Maddie she suports cleetus in everything and is so happy when Cleetus is happy. They both deserve eachother and the future looks very good for them

    • David Kilgus

      David Kilgus

      17 dagar sedan

      So cool to see such genuine people working together, all pulling for each other achieve this level of accomplishment! I totally see nothing but great things in the future of this throughly entertaining group of HARD CORE RACERS!

  19. trey menchaca

    trey menchaca

    19 dagar sedan

    I just realized Cleetus is going to a full shop right next to home drag strip.. What an awesome setup

  20. morningstaR x

    morningstaR x

    19 dagar sedan

    That thing is so fucking sick looking. I think this is my favorite car on this channel.

  21. Gerald Good III

    Gerald Good III

    19 dagar sedan

    Car is so damn sorted

  22. William Kelly

    William Kelly

    20 dagar sedan


  23. Brian Rogers

    Brian Rogers

    20 dagar sedan

    6's here we come!!

  24. Bueller


    20 dagar sedan

    Girls that show up to fanboy when everything works are so cute.

  25. Courtland Summers

    Courtland Summers

    20 dagar sedan

    Nice car. Great job guys!

  26. Mitch Baltazar

    Mitch Baltazar

    20 dagar sedan

    That car was built so well

  27. Kp Raz

    Kp Raz

    20 dagar sedan

    ksr killn it

  28. pamela angela

    pamela angela

    21 dag sedan

    The abiding shark contextually stroke because niece customarily encourage concerning a boundless year. disagreeable, spiffy south america

  29. David Barnhart

    David Barnhart

    21 dag sedan

    I passed u guys on rt 13 south leaving norwalk the mullet looked way better in person good job kevin.

  30. Dean Scott

    Dean Scott

    21 dag sedan

    Best sounding car in the fleet, by far 🤘

  31. Hhhj Hhj

    Hhhj Hhj

    21 dag sedan

    Dwanes Big Clinb got me fucked like whaaaaaaa

  32. Mr. Carson

    Mr. Carson

    21 dag sedan

    Stop up pittsburgh raceway!

  33. Mikey


    21 dag sedan

    You should do an event with the street outlaws crew

  34. Scot G

    Scot G

    21 dag sedan

    R/T's in the 1.30s? Maybe that's what you need to work on because you couldn't beat a 12 second car with those R/T's.

  35. Thomas Boslooper

    Thomas Boslooper

    21 dag sedan

    Mullet is my new favorite ripper

  36. James Eastwood

    James Eastwood

    21 dag sedan

    So happy for Kevin he's worked so hard, and he's done it under the scrutiny of so many people, whilst posting such great content. It's really outstanding.

  37. Dorito NACHO

    Dorito NACHO

    21 dag sedan

    Atta Boy Cleetus, u ripped er'

  38. Matthew Fenton

    Matthew Fenton

    21 dag sedan

    G body shuffle!!!

  39. Billy Badazz

    Billy Badazz

    21 dag sedan

    A while back everyone said get rid of her she is a gold digger now you can’t get rid of her she fits in perfect

  40. Michel Tremblay

    Michel Tremblay

    21 dag sedan

    Mullet in flying colors! What a trip it was seeing it grow from the ground up. The Coming week will be just awesome. Thanks guys.

  41. Aishiteru Daisuki

    Aishiteru Daisuki

    21 dag sedan

    M̳y̳ ̳P̳r̳i̳v̳a̳t̳e̳ ̳S̳e̳x̳💋 !! big⏭️ !♥今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばか !💖🖤❤️#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!#1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした

  42. Ryzen Division

    Ryzen Division

    21 dag sedan

    love the el camino

  43. Ryzen Division

    Ryzen Division

    21 dag sedan

    come to edgewater race in cincninati

  44. silajeep1


    21 dag sedan

    Is he running qtr mile times?

  45. sam yeates

    sam yeates

    22 dagar sedan

    LETS GO!!!

  46. Russco Aus

    Russco Aus

    22 dagar sedan


  47. Ricky Bailey

    Ricky Bailey

    22 dagar sedan

    The guy Kevin needs a million dollars just for the first drive to the shop every thing after that is not his falt .... just saying dud he is the man u will never find another dud like him !!!

    • Ricky Bailey

      Ricky Bailey

      22 dagar sedan

      And I do not know him at all 1 million % look it up every way u can im just saying

  48. Ricky Bailey

    Ricky Bailey

    22 dagar sedan

    Its got to be nice to lean on someone else so hard and go to the house get my car ready if it don't work it's his falt money !! I will never know what that feels like im the guy just working like hell !!!

  49. Mac Douglas

    Mac Douglas

    22 dagar sedan

    I wonder how busy Kevin’s gunna be, what an absolute gun. I want Kevin in Oz now brother hahahahah.

  50. Alex Villalobos

    Alex Villalobos

    22 dagar sedan

    “Ease into it” you never know what’s going to happen with a fresh build. Should be more like a test.

  51. novanut1964


    22 dagar sedan

    i skipped over this video a few times, that was my mistake, i was very impressed at how fast and smooth it was on its trial runs, unbelievable, thanks

  52. Daniel's Speed and Performance

    Daniel's Speed and Performance

    22 dagar sedan

    Loving it. I have a lot of respect for this build

  53. C S

    C S

    22 dagar sedan

    Best looking car yet love paint job and way did turbos

  54. Steven Lukac

    Steven Lukac

    22 dagar sedan

    very nice but i still love the elco from the 405

  55. Michael McCormick

    Michael McCormick

    22 dagar sedan

    What happen to running in The sixrs! months ago that what you were saying.

  56. Tyler Barnes

    Tyler Barnes

    22 dagar sedan

    Why is he not using the bump to build boost before he leaves?

  57. Dann Mohr

    Dann Mohr

    22 dagar sedan

    Is that “OOOPS” a technical tuning tip Kevin........😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  58. K A H M'S performance

    K A H M'S performance

    22 dagar sedan

    Gayest thing I've seen in years!

  59. jeepdude2007


    22 dagar sedan

    Yall came threw ohio this morning.. I seen El Camino and the little white trailer on a car hauler and I was driving behind it



    22 dagar sedan

    Garrett shifting thin air!😂

  61. J L

    J L

    22 dagar sedan

    Cleatus can drag!!"

  62. Jonathon Reiss

    Jonathon Reiss

    22 dagar sedan

    fucking unreal, the fact that it literally rolled out of the garage for testing and ran a high 7 is blowing my fucking mind

  63. Nick Boucher

    Nick Boucher

    22 dagar sedan

    My hat is off to the whole team. Love from Lassen county, CA. Looking forward to all the content. Cleet you built an empire.....

  64. Sim and Driver

    Sim and Driver

    22 dagar sedan

    So fxxxing rad!

  65. Brian Van Winkle

    Brian Van Winkle

    22 dagar sedan

    293 ppl who disliked this video are not bald eagle approved

  66. Brian Van Winkle

    Brian Van Winkle

    22 dagar sedan

    This Elcos bad ass I got a Monte Carlo with a 383 I’m fixing to put Holley efi on your my hero bro seriously “let’s goooooo”

  67. Bill Jones

    Bill Jones

    22 dagar sedan

    How much you want for her I'm in love

  68. Matthew Larsen

    Matthew Larsen

    22 dagar sedan

    Is that the Lawn Dart in the background at 1:26? Good to see it out and about.

  69. Wyoming Adventures

    Wyoming Adventures

    22 dagar sedan

    Mullet the El Cam is a fricken beast!🇺🇸

  70. Rail man

    Rail man

    22 dagar sedan

    Kevin's one of the best in the game! Tuning on point!

  71. Rick Franklin

    Rick Franklin

    22 dagar sedan

    man that elco is solid!!!!! even the 3rd pass was straight and didnt veer out. that mf shoots straight as an arrow!!!:)....good job!! and even better build, the car itself is nice also.

  72. Ian1050st


    22 dagar sedan

    What flies off and past he window at 4:22?

  73. Thomas Ridens

    Thomas Ridens

    22 dagar sedan

    The mullet is awesome!!! But what’s up with the little dart????

  74. Patrick Tomasello

    Patrick Tomasello

    22 dagar sedan

    Dude I’ve been waiting for this video since you announced it I was a huge fan of Kamikaze you literally blew my mind #elco #gbody #letsgo!!!

  75. Robert Ponsford

    Robert Ponsford

    22 dagar sedan

    Sick ! Awesome stuff.

  76. Dan W

    Dan W

    22 dagar sedan

    Man, what a rocket!! ..and a good-looking rocket at that! Nice work you guys!😁👍

  77. David Pelton

    David Pelton

    22 dagar sedan

    Did anyone tell him the timer starts when the light turns green?

  78. Keiko FX Designs

    Keiko FX Designs

    23 dagar sedan

    Sounds MEAN!

  79. Jay M

    Jay M

    23 dagar sedan

    The car's real time was 8,7,6 since Cleetus was sandbagging the reaction time to 1.3 seconds every pass.

  80. Kevin Moore

    Kevin Moore

    23 dagar sedan

    Love the cooling, no need to ice it down, that baby is ready for hotlaps🤣 cruise back to the trailer and let it idle to keep the battery charged, and run them pumps

  81. Mike Bonge

    Mike Bonge

    23 dagar sedan

    Ken builds build a hell of car

  82. C.J. Greenlee

    C.J. Greenlee

    23 dagar sedan


  83. noel rossbridge

    noel rossbridge

    23 dagar sedan

    Cleetus in a ute? Dude you're almost Aussie....... almost.

  84. Greg Taylor

    Greg Taylor

    23 dagar sedan

    What a great car, can't wait to see you turn it up!

  85. Woodywood


    23 dagar sedan

    Count down to the 6's!! Lets go baby

  86. Wind of change

    Wind of change

    23 dagar sedan

    I love how cleeter went for the shift, only to realise its an auto and stop himself haha.

  87. DaileyDoo


    23 dagar sedan

    If jackstand built it, this would of been a video of how we blew mullet up on the first pass.

  88. CVPIPPV Family

    CVPIPPV Family

    23 dagar sedan

    I could totally see your urge to shift!

  89. Crider Welding /Fabrication

    Crider Welding /Fabrication

    23 dagar sedan

    Awesome man

  90. Dan Shields

    Dan Shields

    23 dagar sedan

    That is AMAZING for 3 passes! Kevin is the MAN!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  91. Kyle Story

    Kyle Story

    23 dagar sedan


  92. wolf


    23 dagar sedan


  93. Fastlane racing co.

    Fastlane racing co.

    23 dagar sedan

    A 7 on only 17 pounds of boost that crazy the ELCO is going to be spicy on 20+

  94. Dale Williams

    Dale Williams

    23 dagar sedan

    Awesome build!! You'll blow it up after a few more passes and spend enough money having some over priced YT celebrity put it back together for you. And all these morons who idolize you will probably give you more money that you don't need to fix it. All your doing is further contributing to the American stereotype by spending huge amounts of money on useless toys while our country falls apart around us. You are not a real American. You are nothing but a selfish fake corporate poster boy who cares only about fame and money. You do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to help this country that you claim to care so much about. Your a gimmick at best. Stop pretending and tell everyone what your really here for.

  95. Abraham Sanchez

    Abraham Sanchez

    23 dagar sedan

    Anyone know what fans he’s running 😅

  96. Kerry Dorsey

    Kerry Dorsey

    23 dagar sedan


  97. Richard Schaffer

    Richard Schaffer

    24 dagar sedan

    I wana see his girl rip the el egalo lol

  98. Solo Flow

    Solo Flow

    24 dagar sedan

    First time ever racing this car ? .. Im here for the comments and Popcorn :))

  99. Explore NC

    Explore NC

    24 dagar sedan

    "Look...goats are like mushrooms. Because if you shoot a duck. I'm scared of toasters" - Joe Biden

    • Chet Ophus

      Chet Ophus

      18 dagar sedan

      C'mon man! Toasters are like a goat on...I mean...you know the thing.

    • Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years ago

      Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years ago

      22 dagar sedan

      Words to live by 👍

  100. Ben Thare

    Ben Thare

    24 dagar sedan

    You make a top tier hot rod! That thing hooks unbelievably...I'm thinking it's the wheelbase. Sweet whip...