MY FIRST EVER 6 SECOND PASS... No Parachutes at 224mph

Well ya know I knew this was going to be a scary fast pass, but I didn't expect to lose the one thing that would slow it down! Gotta work with what you've got!
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  1. Dan Rogers

    Dan Rogers

    6 dagar sedan

    Right on brother! Way to stop it buddy!

  2. Derredmax


    7 dagar sedan

    Wow Cleetus! That was sweet bro!

  3. Karl Hicks

    Karl Hicks

    8 dagar sedan

    First 200 mph pass... No chutes. Well if that doesn't make you nervous nothing will. 🤣

  4. Cody Hopkins

    Cody Hopkins

    9 dagar sedan

    I think im missing something. Why do these guys always wait like 3 secs after the light turn green?

  5. Ruger Rocker

    Ruger Rocker

    9 dagar sedan

    what a machine yeah, great job bud

  6. Rob y4h3ll

    Rob y4h3ll

    10 dagar sedan

    Can someone post his channel?

  7. Aaron Brye

    Aaron Brye

    10 dagar sedan

    All the way from Romulus Michigan just want to say always love the content brother, you’re one hell of a driver, I couldn’t stop rewinding watching the takeoff!!!.. Can’t wait on my day to go down a drag strip, much love and peace my brother!!!

  8. Daniel Lang

    Daniel Lang

    10 dagar sedan

    Whatever that was in the grey at 0:22 made my think my monitor was toast, but its like splotches on a banded gradient, went to try and clean and realized it was in the video. Ol Cleeter got me

  9. Ken Leppek

    Ken Leppek

    11 dagar sedan

    Wow ole cleeter probably had to change his fire suit after that one

  10. MJPilote


    12 dagar sedan

    No time to panic, man that went smoothly without chutes!

  11. Volrathi


    12 dagar sedan

    That could have gone A lot Worse. well done Cleetus, handeling situation well after no1 checked the chutes.

  12. michael blacktree

    michael blacktree

    12 dagar sedan

    I have a soft spot for 1st gen Camaros. 👍

  13. Larry Webb

    Larry Webb

    12 dagar sedan

    Hey Racer Great Driving Cool under Pressure. Enjoyed it God Bless. 🏁🏁🏁❤️🙏❤️🙏

  14. Jon Gib

    Jon Gib

    13 dagar sedan

    FckMe! 6 seconds no chute 😵😩

  15. Kinda fit Kinda fat

    Kinda fit Kinda fat

    14 dagar sedan

    Cleetus you’re an awesome dude but i wouldn’t let you drive my car out of my driveway

    • RSD3


      11 dagar sedan

      Weird thing to say about someone who successfully stopped a drag car from 224 mph w/ no chutes.

  16. Meaty Mouse

    Meaty Mouse

    14 dagar sedan

    man that dude and his crew just seem like the coolest nicest bunch of guys and i think that is what gives them that extra boost to make the fastest street cars on the planet

  17. Harry Barry

    Harry Barry

    14 dagar sedan

    Wow, what kind of Chevy engine ?

  18. Chris K

    Chris K

    15 dagar sedan

    Bruuhhh. What a fucking monster

  19. Jose Abdon Arellano Frias

    Jose Abdon Arellano Frias

    16 dagar sedan

    Que hermoso color Que vestía auto

  20. Richard Beto

    Richard Beto

    16 dagar sedan

    Heellll YEA brother

  21. Bee4PC goldrule.

    Bee4PC goldrule.

    16 dagar sedan

    Buy new shutes.

  22. Simon Wang

    Simon Wang

    17 dagar sedan

    The earsplitting experience enthrallingly excite because heat prenatally bolt beside a succinct zephyr. tall, overjoyed toad

    • A.C.T. Solutions Inc

      A.C.T. Solutions Inc

      15 dagar sedan

      lol.... what a poetic way of saying it.... ahh ahhhhh... see what I did there lol. Just joking around I like your comment!

  23. Jeremy Eubanks

    Jeremy Eubanks

    17 dagar sedan

    Does that thing have power windows?

  24. Jeremy Eubanks

    Jeremy Eubanks

    17 dagar sedan

    Did basf supply the paint for the front and ppg for the back tom ?? Lol Good stuff guys

  25. JJWolf0498


    17 dagar sedan

    I know exactly where 131 is. About 45 minutes north of Kalamazoo in Martin Michigan. Hope you possibly do an event there in the future?

  26. adam bergendorff

    adam bergendorff

    18 dagar sedan


  27. Christopher Katz

    Christopher Katz

    18 dagar sedan

    someone needs to get Cleetus in a top fuel car.

  28. Ken Harmon

    Ken Harmon

    18 dagar sedan

    Martin Michigan great track

  29. w@t(h3r


    18 dagar sedan

    wow straight as a bullet

  30. JP Man

    JP Man

    19 dagar sedan

    Ol' Cleetus was crapping in his pants when he realized the shoots didn't open. Was probably thinking...crap I just bought this guy a new race car. Yikes.

  31. Neal Head

    Neal Head

    20 dagar sedan

    Wow Cletus 👍 Thank you for that awesome, fun ride. Bad to the BONE

  32. alex39082


    20 dagar sedan

    I feel like drag racing must be similar to heroin in that you rarely/never get that same rush after going a certain speed or time lol. Cleetus is so fired up at the end of the pass. Doesn't get that way about 7 sec passes anymore!

  33. LJ Prep

    LJ Prep

    21 dag sedan

    That looked like FUN! Good straight car and driver, Cleetus.

  34. Michael Williams

    Michael Williams

    21 dag sedan

    Super sketch..... way to handle it brother

  35. Aladar horsforth

    Aladar horsforth

    22 dagar sedan

    well congratulations on your first six second pass and then no chutes I was thinking to myself oh crap but you pull that off without dropping it in the sand.pit So congrats on that as well

  36. Ron De

    Ron De

    22 dagar sedan

    That was AWESOME!!!

  37. coopers chreiberazki

    coopers chreiberazki

    22 dagar sedan

    The enthusiastic cafe immunocytochemically fence because tie concordingly guide along a nappy closet. responsible, political biplane

  38. Mike Bonge

    Mike Bonge

    23 dagar sedan

    Great job Cleetus

  39. Adler Mayne

    Adler Mayne

    23 dagar sedan

    Day 6 of asking for the galaxy back

  40. David Bayse

    David Bayse

    23 dagar sedan

    Badass color, Badass ride. For sure one of favorite rides had on channel.

  41. Ben Renner

    Ben Renner

    23 dagar sedan

    Props to Tom for having quality brakes on that Camaro.. lotta cars definitely would have been in the sand

  42. Canopy King LED Grow Lights

    Canopy King LED Grow Lights

    23 dagar sedan

    Pull the chute.... pull the chute. just as well it wasn't a sky dive!

  43. Colin Clarke

    Colin Clarke

    24 dagar sedan

    that first pass looked like you were strapped into a rocket! crazy fast

  44. Andrew Marshall

    Andrew Marshall

    24 dagar sedan


  45. Rymein Gill

    Rymein Gill

    24 dagar sedan

    So clinical it's fucked up . Defo not smash a few bongs beers an burbies an go for a blast for a laugh



    24 dagar sedan

    Way to go Cleetus. Love your car!! need more videos though...

  47. KWIK60Vette


    24 dagar sedan

    The kid looks like Kyle on Last Man Standing. Good job kiddo.

  48. FatAss David

    FatAss David

    25 dagar sedan

    lucky he was not jumping out of a plane 🇦🇺🐨👍

  49. A. E.

    A. E.

    25 dagar sedan

    in the winshild stand ,,for sale ,, ???

  50. A. E.

    A. E.

    25 dagar sedan

    holyshit !!!! what a crazy cool car ! pro street for ever !

  51. John Johnson

    John Johnson

    25 dagar sedan

    Double parachute malfunction. Bad news if you are a skydiver.

  52. Noack73


    25 dagar sedan

    At this "operator level", Cleetus has grown a mullet on his chest too .... ;) Good job Cleet!

  53. dragrace buds

    dragrace buds

    25 dagar sedan

    Have you raced a 590 car

  54. Ernie Henshaw

    Ernie Henshaw

    26 dagar sedan

    Not Surprising.

  55. Brian Henkel

    Brian Henkel

    26 dagar sedan

    What a car great work

  56. Temel Erdinch

    Temel Erdinch

    26 dagar sedan

    You can’t beat Pro street dragsters 🇺🇸💪

  57. Ryan Wilkinson

    Ryan Wilkinson

    26 dagar sedan

    Love when Alec is behind the camera!!!

  58. mark im

    mark im

    26 dagar sedan

    BY the way dude that thing is rad…been cool to of known what it was..

  59. Michell Larose

    Michell Larose

    26 dagar sedan

    good job

  60. mark im

    mark im

    26 dagar sedan

    I’m not feverous, I mean nervous said the car either, lol…yummy newbie come get ya some, …..great job…

  61. David Patterson

    David Patterson

    26 dagar sedan

    Always pack your own chute...

  62. TundraBass954


    26 dagar sedan

    Car looks like it was shot from the barrel of a GUN, Straight and Fast, I also like how the one dude shows ya some tech tips with the valve lash, that info is indispensible if you want to learn how to manage a 80K engine.

  63. Robin Wendt

    Robin Wendt

    26 dagar sedan

    Wow that's unreal 👏. You just kept focused I could see ur eyes just kept looking forward and you didn't panic

  64. Joel Lyons

    Joel Lyons

    27 dagar sedan

    That guy Steve knows what hes talking about I'm pretty sure of it

  65. Dustin Silva

    Dustin Silva

    27 dagar sedan

    Why do they let off at the 8th?

  66. Willie Sweet Jr

    Willie Sweet Jr

    27 dagar sedan

    You see how much left steer to keep it straight? Way cool job!

  67. Adriaan Visser

    Adriaan Visser

    27 dagar sedan

    That no chute stop gave me 4 heart attacks. Geez. Glad it stopped alright. What a car!!!

  68. Anthony Phung

    Anthony Phung

    28 dagar sedan

    The incredible eggnog selectively cheat because bucket fittingly suck upon a agonizing utensil. maddening, oafish hawk



    28 dagar sedan

    His face 😆

  70. Rick Scott

    Rick Scott

    29 dagar sedan

    Now that has to be a little scary, regardless your experience. You did great, and didn't freak. WOW ! Yee, yee.😎👍

  71. Corbin Burmeister

    Corbin Burmeister

    29 dagar sedan

    Would love to meet you there someday

  72. Korimkhan Torikul

    Korimkhan Torikul

    29 dagar sedan

    The roomy north america pathohistologically mug because balinese tribally bruise afore a witty circulation. condemned, sincere drake

  73. mco2471


    29 dagar sedan

    not the ol rig the chutes so they dont come out and you wreck the car so you have to buy it trick!

  74. mihybrid1


    29 dagar sedan

    Sick! Good job .

  75. Jeff Schmitt

    Jeff Schmitt

    29 dagar sedan

    Way to keep your cool and get her slowed down before the sand trap. Hell of a ride!

  76. Thakery


    Månad sedan

    That must have been a sphincter-clenching moment, I cannot begin to imagine being in a vehicle that accelerates at that rate...... and to think, there are people riding motorcycles that will do five second quarters !

  77. Craig Perry

    Craig Perry

    Månad sedan

    Far out!! That’s was awesome. Great camera action, took me on the ride too. Looked like a fast run, then heard the 6.53!!Thats a Wow!! particularly because of the no Shute action.

  78. Troll With A Purpose

    Troll With A Purpose

    Månad sedan

    Then Cleetus immediately starts building his first big wheel.

  79. Thaliya Giovanna

    Thaliya Giovanna

    Månad sedan

    The majestic engineer multivariately terrify because mosquito effectively marry beside a auspicious mercury. acoustic, violet salad

    • Brian O'Brian

      Brian O'Brian

      29 dagar sedan

      My thoughts exactly

  80. Morgan Betts

    Morgan Betts

    Månad sedan

    Boosted boi Kyle needs to make a pass in ruby

  81. David Gramlich

    David Gramlich

    Månad sedan

    On SE-one, I've watched Cleetus do a lot of stuff, some stupid or dangerous, with cars. I always considered him a "SE-one car guy." With this run, I'll now think of him first as a DRIVER, not just a Content Creater.

  82. DigitalStyx


    Månad sedan

    So if I'm understanding correctly, that oil pressure concern saved the car if not Cleetus himself since the chute didn't open since they were shutting it down early by plan.

    • Jake Heke

      Jake Heke

      Månad sedan

      That run was a full one

  83. Matt Moran

    Matt Moran

    Månad sedan

    Ready for woodward this year

  84. Nay Cee

    Nay Cee

    Månad sedan

    His face when he lets off the brake lmfao

  85. Silence Do Good

    Silence Do Good

    Månad sedan

    You must have a guardian angel. Reminds me of the time your head gasket shot coolant under your tires at full throttle

    • Basic Hunter

      Basic Hunter

      17 dagar sedan

      Divine intervention is real and anyone who doesn’t believe that is a fool and they haven’t lived through anything scary of enough to realize it...

  86. kartdude2006


    Månad sedan

    Goddam Cleet!!! Way to keep your composure!!!!! 👏👏👏

  87. Fix-It


    Månad sedan

    Well done ..... no panic, head's up driving. Respect young man ...... R E S P E C T !!!!

  88. J.T. Blair

    J.T. Blair

    Månad sedan


  89. yarpos


    Månad sedan

    repeatedly dont use the parachutes, then surprised when not there when needed



    Månad sedan

    Wow!! Just imagine how it felt in Sammy Miller's rocket-car pulling a 3.22sec in the 1/4mi.

  91. Rye Bread

    Rye Bread

    Månad sedan

    He didn’t blink the entire run

  92. Mark Doan

    Mark Doan

    Månad sedan

    Those chutes are designed to not not work , yet there it is not working ... almost takes effort to make that not happen .. lucky this was not the dead Cleetus episode

  93. David Baucom

    David Baucom

    Månad sedan

    I would not be able to drive someone else's car like that, good job giraffe man!

  94. Billy Bean

    Billy Bean

    Månad sedan

    I love going to the track soo much theres always something new and crazy theres a small home town track I go to alot esta in new York iv been to Gainesville a few times it's where I orginally feel in love with it

  95. J.R. Hern

    J.R. Hern

    Månad sedan

    Well done! Very very nice!

  96. Scott Marshall

    Scott Marshall

    Månad sedan

    I smell a fuel license coming, at least a TAD ride. Cletus can talk anybody into letting him behind the wheel. Clay maybe? I'll be living vicariously thru Cletus! Nice driving. The young wippersnappers is taken over the sport, I tell ya. Anybody remember when we were the youngsnappers? Don't seem that long ago, does it guys?

  97. MRBLACK947


    Månad sedan

    Thank you Tom Baily, Steve Morris, and all the crew for allowing this to happen.

  98. napraznicul


    Månad sedan

    I didn't get it very well if he was helped by some kind of downshift that gearbox somehow, then that was the reason for some transmission issue? I can't believe he could stop that bullet from over 350kmh using only the (very small, as should be) brakes of that car.

  99. Seppo Siimessalmi

    Seppo Siimessalmi

    Månad sedan

    The car goes really well and straight !

  100. Seppo Siimessalmi

    Seppo Siimessalmi

    Månad sedan

    Steve Morris makes a really good and efficient engines !